Google One app now offers free backups on phone

Google One app now offers free backups on phone

The Google One app has started offering free data backups on mobile for all users. You might be aware the feature was previously available to subscribers of the cloud data. But now, Google is offering it for free to all its Android users, with iOS versions likely to get in the near future.

The Google One app comes pre-installed on most Android devices. The auto back-up option comes quite handy, allowing users to backup data like photos, videos, and files to the cloud. Google says, all these benefits will be available to all its users, including those who don’t pay for cloud storage.

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“Start backing up your phone with the Google One app. And save the stuff you care about using the free 15 GB of storage that comes with your Google Account, Google points out in its blog post. In addition to this, Google is offering a new feature which lets users organize the data residing on their phone.

Using the organize your storage feature, users can manage and clean up files from across Drive, Gmail, and Photos. “You can keep the files you want, get rid of the ones you no longer need and make room for more—all in one place,” it adds. For those who need additional storage space, they can pay to start from Rs 130 per month in the country to get an additional 100GB space on Google Drive.

Google mentions the new features and benefits on the One app will be available on Android in the coming days. The company is quick to point out the free back up option is only available for the end-users. And not for the G Suite business account users.

Google Stadia now works on mobile data

Google launched its Stadia online gaming platform with compatibility over Wi-Fi. But now, the service is rolling to users via 4G and 5G mobile data as well. It pointed out the feature is available for Android phone users, you can manually change the option.

Google Stadia will now work on 4G and 5G mobile data

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Google Stadia will now work on 4G and 5G mobile data

For this, users can head over to the Stadia app on their device. Over there, you can click on Experiments and then select mobile data. By switching the access to Stadia from Wi-Fi to mobile data, users tend to lose quite a few benefits of the platform. Firstly, without having connected to Wi-Fi, users are confined to playing using the screen controls. And more importantly, if you don’t get fast internet speeds via your 4G or 5G operator, the streaming quality will be below par.