Google Play Store offering up to Rs 100 cashback with Paytm UPI

There’s a new offer on the Google Play Store which is from Paytm UPI. This new offer is available on the Google Play Store itself where a cashback of Rs 100 is available. The conditions for this cashback offer is that only those that are using the Paytm UPI method to recharge are eligible. This offer is valid from April 1 to May 30, 2020. It is expected that the recharge will be of a higher amount than that of the cashback.

This is not the only tie up with Paytm that Google Play currently has. There’s another Google Play bonus offer that Paytm is offering to its Mobile Legends players. This offer has rewards up to Rs 620 when purchasing a Google Play recharge code. This is tie up by Paytm and the developer of the mobile game Mobile Legends, Moonton. Mobile Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game much like League of Legends. In fact it has been sued by the makers of League if Legends, Riot Games multiple times for the blatant similarities between the two games.

This offer is only valid for in-game items from Mobile Legends on Google Play. It is open to recipients who purchase a Google Play recharge code at Paytm between April 1 and April 30. The players have to redeem the recharge codes by 30 May 2020 or they will expire. There is a recharge code limit of 5 per user. There are different offer tiers which the user can avail. These show what the rewards will be if the user purchases a recharge code for a certain range of amount.

Paytm Mobile Legends Google Play bonus offer tiers

– Rs 100 – Rs 299: Magic Dusts x 4, Hero Fragments x 1, Random skin trail card (3 Days) x 1

– Rs 300 – Rs 999: Magic Dusts x 15, Hero Fragments x 5, Random skin trail card (3 Days) x 2

– Rs 1,000 – Rs 1,500: Magic Dusts x100, Hero Fragments x 10, Random skin trail card (3 Days) x 1, Great Inventor (7 Days) x 1

– Rs 1,501 and more: Magic Dusts x 200, Hero Fragments x 15, Random skin trail card (3 Days) x 2, Great Inventor (7 Days) x 1.

There are different offer values for the different tiers of items. The offer values of the Rs 100 – Rs 299 tier is worth Rs 42. While the offer value of Rs 300 – Rs 999 is Rs 120 and the Rs 1,000 – Rs 1,500 is Rs 420. Finally the offer value of rechanges above Rs 1,500 is Rs 620. These recharges can be bought directly from the Paytm website.