Halo Infinite Craig Meme Pleases Phil Spencer, Who Calls The Brute Xbox’s New Mascot

The Halo Infinite gameplay reveal showed off many aspects of the Xbox Series X launch title, including its large world, grapple hook, and back-to-basics combat design. But it also showed off a visual engine that a lot of fans were not impressed by, which has been exemplified by “Craig“, the Brute whose deadpan expression has become a gaming meme for the ages.

Now, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has given his thoughts on the meme, and he seems to see the funny side of it. Asked by a fan for his take, Spencer called Craig “our new official Xbox mascot.”

Behold Craig, the face of Xbox.

Continuing on, Spencer cited Craig as a great example of the creativity of the Xbox community. You can view the tweet below.

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