Haryana Government bans Chewing Gum for the next 3 months! Check Why? #Coronavirus

Haryana Government bans Chewing Gum for the next 3 months! Check Why? #Coronavirus

With the increasing number of cases of coronavirus in India, the central and the state governments have been working hard to improve safety measures and providing basic amenities to all the citizens. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on March 24th, announced a 21-day complete lockdown to fight the outbreak and police officials all around the nation ar making sure that the rules and regulations are being followed strictly.

Amidst such chaos, an innovative step has been recently taken by the Haryana government that legally bans chewing gums for the next 3 months. Even though the step seems to be very small-scaled and meaningless, it is actually based on pure logic and intellect. We believe that this is a measure to fight coronavirus by putting a stop on the incessant spitting by people but the reasons haven’t been confirmed by the government yet.

Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19 cases in India are well over 1300. According to latest figures from the Ministry of Health, 1238 persons have been infected by the new virus (n-Cov) as of April 1, of which. 123 persons have been cured and discharged; one has been migrated.

Many celebrities have contributed to the PM’s funds for provision of compensations to the affected families and also for the development in the field of technology and research.

 It is very important to break this cycle and people are advised to follow the procedure laid down for their own safety. 

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