Haunted Annabelle doll has escaped from the Occult Museum?

Haunted Annabelle doll has escaped from the Occult Museum?

“The Conjuring” horror film series has its fans Worldwide, and if you are one of them, you already know how spooky the haunted Annabelle doll is!

On Friday, some internet users were convinced that the doll had “escaped” from the Warren’s Occult Museum. But, other reports say that isn’t the case

According to an article from Newsweek, the rumor of Annabelle’s alleged escape began after an internet user changed Annabelle’s Wikipedia Page, claiming she had escaped from the museum Friday morning. The Wikipedia page has since been corrected.

The museum was closed due to a zoning violation late last year and according to Newsweek, the doll is no longer on display.

To just clarify the news Annabelle hasn’t escaped and is currently in the care of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s son-in-law.

Some paranormal experts claim the doll was tied to a demonic spirit, pretending to be a child, Newsweek reports. Eventually, the doll went into the Warrens’ possession, which led to Annabelle being housed in their museum before its closure.

Even on the Warrens’ first car ride with the doll, Newsweek said the pair claimed they were put in danger and they believed Annabelle caused their car’s brakes to fail.


Although the escape was nothing more than a hoax, some of the social media reactions were priceless.

Some tweets that made it to the microblogging site in response to Annabelle escaping were hilarious. One user wrote, “#Annabelle don’t bring yo ass in my house and think it a stay-cation.” Another fearful user wrote, “Someone said that the Annabelle doll escaped from the museum that it was held at…. I’m sleeping at the church till they get that doll.”








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