Hello Neighbor 2 Takes The Series Open-World In 2021

During the Xbox Games Showcase, publisher tinyBuild officially unveiled Hello Neighbor 2, a sequel to the original systemic horror game coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. It looks to expand on the mechanics of the first game with a new self-learning AI system and an open world to explore.

Taking place directly after the original game in the town of Raven Brooks, Hello Neighbor 2 stars a reporter named Quentin on a mission to discover why people have been disappearing from the town. Once you’ve arrived at the abandoned house at the center of the story, you’ll be stalked by a strange creature. In Hello Neighbor 2, the AI has been upgraded to make its navigation patterns fully dynamic, meaning it will observe your movements in order to prevent you from accessing areas of the house.

The open-world area of Raven Brooks isn’t safe from the creature, either, and you’ll have to explore it in order to find items before venturing back into the house in search of secrets. A trailer for the game was released alongside the announcement, and you can view it above.

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