Here’s What “Optimized For Xbox Series X” Means For Games

With the Xbox Series X, Microsoft is going to be making very clear which games on its platform are making the most of its hardware with the “Optimized for Series X” label. What that means is support for features like ray-tracing, frame rates up to 120 FPS, and near-instant loading times, as explained in the latest Xbox blog post.

These three pillars make up the principle direction of optimization for the new Xbox, some of which stem off of the DirectX 12 Ultimate support. Having been released for PC hardware recently, DirectX 12 Ultimate further enhances the ability to deliver better visual fidelity, as well as better supported for hardware-powered ray-tracing. These enable developers to create more physically accurate worlds, especially when it comes to lighting.

With more powerful hardware also comes the possibility to produce games that support higher frame rates, something which has been a talking point during this current generation. Although it will also rely on the ability of your display to support it, Series X optimized games can support up to 120 FPS, with Dirt 5 being one of the first to confirm support for it specifically.

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