Hilarious: Animals and their Celeb look-alikes

Hilarious: Animals and their Celeb look-alikes

Are you Trenched in boredom? Nothing satisfies your mind and the scary pandemic surrounds your life. We have got just the right therapy for you. Animals can give you a dopamine rush with their ingenuously adorable appearance, but you know what’s even better? animals with their celebrity look-alikes! There’s nothing more hilarious than their strikingly similar expressions that too in the same frame. Have a look!

Putin and Doggo

Peyton Manning and sad pal!

Adrien brody 

Samuel L Jackson

Donald trump

David Duchovny

Gary Busey

Sofia Vergara and Hyna


Benedict Cumberbatch and otter

Cher and afghan hound

Channing Tatum and sensuous cat

Iggy Pop and Hairless Cop