How Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children’s Story Informs FF7 Remake

Some 23 years after its initial release, one of the gaming’s most influential titles is seeing a major resurgence. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is not only very good, it has revitalized a classic story with a new retelling that expands on all its best parts–at least in its first installment.

As many of us know, there’s a lot more to the Final Fantasy 7 story than just what’s covered in the remake. While we have to wait for more FF7 installments to see this new telling, the original game is still widely available. And this weekend is the anniversary of the North American release of the original FF7’s animated film sequel, Advent Children. You can stream it for free on Crackle, if you want to revisit the place where the FF7 story officially ended (in a cliffhanger sort of way) way back in 2005.

If you’re finished with FF7 Remake, you might want to fire up Advent Children for its birthday, because the movie has some serious implications for where FF7 Remake might go next.

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