How to Go 3D in Among Us

How to Go 3D in Among Us

Among Us as a game got extremely popular during the worldwide lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many game developers tried their hands at creating different versions of the game, but some of them went a step ahead and created 3D versions of Among Us!

The development process of the game

Many game developers such as Dani and Fat Dino came up with 3D versions of Among Us. But how did they do it? Dani spoke about developing the game in 3D in a video that he uploaded on his channel.

He starts off by creating a model of the character in 3D. Dani tries to make his version of the game resemble the original as much as possible, so he chooses to “toon shade” his characters. However, other developers, such as Fat Dino or Jar do not do this. Once the character is complete, Dani works on player movements.

Following this, Dani clones and recreates one map from the game in 3D. Once he has created the basic structure of the map, he adds the different details into the map, including props and function buttons like the ‘Kill’ button, the ‘Report’ button, or the ‘Emergency meeting’ button.

While this process may not seem very complicated, the 3D version of this party game took Dani almost two weeks to make. If you were wondering how much effort he had to put in to make the game, a very sleep-deprived Dani has the perfect answer for you.

“I want to commit die.”

You can watch the full video here.

3D Among Us gameplay

The unique feature about the 3D version of this game is that they allow the first-person point of view. This really enhances the gameplay a lot. Since the game is 3D, it seems more realistic. In the viral video on MrBeast’s channel where he plays the 3D version created by Dani, LazarBeam aptly says,

“Dead bodies look so funny in this.”

Additionally, most viewers and YouTubers who have played these 3D versions of Among Us have said that the sound effects are much better than the original game.

While most of the 3D versions of Among Us are not available for public use yet, you can access the version that Jar created here. Fortunately, playing this game does not require a VR box, even though it is in 3D.

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