ICC World Cup 2019: Steve Smith Does Not Care About Hooting

ICC World Cup 2019: Steve Smith Does Not Care About Hooting

Steve Smith also faced the hooting of the audience during Australia’s 12-run victory over Australia in World Cup practice match, but the former captain said that it does not affect him. Smith played a match for England for the first time after he was banned for one year in the matter of tampering with the ball, in which he scored 116.

With this shift, Australia defeated England in the World Cup and the strongest contender of the title. When David Warner, who suffered a year ban from Smith like him and came back for batting, and when returned and returned home, the audience hooted him a lot.

When Smith reached the half-century and the century, he also suffered spectators from the audience. Smith told reporters after the match, “Everyone is free to keep their thoughts and how they want to behave with a person. It does not matter to me. I’m not bothered by this. I do not pay attention to this.

He said, “When I was on the creed, I did not pay attention to what the audience was saying.” Smith said that his and Warner’s colleagues welcomed the return on their return. He said, ‘It is like we did not go out of the team. I know that I was getting support from my colleagues from the balcony and for me it is most important. ‘

Smith said, “If I can glorify them and the Australians, then this is my job.” He said about his form, ‘I do not give it a lot of attention. This is only practice match. Hopefully this will be my form in real matches too. But I’m feeling good. Whenever you make a century for Australia, it is a real honor.

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