Insomniac Games Responds To Allegations Of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Insomniac Games has responded to allegations that it protected multiple “sexual predators” in response to a claim from a former employee. The Marvel’s Spider-Man developer tweeted that it had taken “numerous steps to address” the allegations.

“We were aware of the allegations made in a former employee’s tweets today and had taken numerous steps to address them. For legal and privacy reasons we will not respond to individual allegations about specific former employees,” the company wrote. “We are a workplace family that has actively promoted diversity, inclusion, representation and equality for our entire existence. We will continue to do so every single day.”

The response comes less than two hours after former Insomniac Games employee Sol Brennan, who worked there as a technical director between 2016 and 2020, alleged the company treated women poorly and protected three sexual abusers. Insomniac did not address Brennan directly in its response.

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