Instagram Is Losing It To Nicki Minaj Nude Wobble Up Video

Instagram Is Losing It To Nicki Minaj Nude Wobble Up Video

Instagram Is Losing It To Nicki Minaj’s Nude ‘Wobble Up’ Video: Nicki Minaj has 102 million Instagram followers for a reason. Her April 18 update is proving why.

Today’s video is promoting Nicki’s latest music – “Wobble Up” is a Chris Brown track featuring Minaj and G-Eazy. For a featured act, Nicki is certainly taking center stage.

An eye-popping rear (that is likely Nicki’s) forms a gyrating loop as the song plays. Likely enhanced by digital touch-ups, the nude behind comes complete with a submerged effect. Purple backgrounds form makeshift waters – while no tub is visible, the anonymous derrière appears to be provocatively shaking in some kind of liquid. Pink, white, and blue bubbles add decorative finishes.

The video had been viewed over 1.5 million times within two hours of being posted.

Comments are showing fans at their most dedicated. One pitted Minaj’s presence against modern-day music in general.

Minaj is anything but boring. Snappy lyrics, witticisms, and the ability to tear half of Hollywood to shreds in one track were made more than clear with Nicki’s “Barbie Dreams” song. The shade-throwing track was enough for Rolling Stone to collate a list of all the rappers “dissed” in the song’s four minutes and 39 seconds.

Today’s update does not appear to throw any shade. Rather, it seems to feature a spotlight. Nicki is it.

For some, the “Wobble Up” release is lacking, though. One fan voiced a touch of disappointment.

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