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Jeremy Clarkson sparks concerns in video with girlfriend Lisa Hogan ‘What is going on?’



The Grand Tour star Jeremy Clarkson, 60, took to Instagram to share a video of himself and his girlfriend Lisa Hogan jetting off to a destination on a plane with other companions. In the first video, he is seen speaking to a companion, but fans were distracted by a whirl of steam which could be seen in front of him.

In view of his 2.9 followers, he wrote: “Not bothered.”

The former Top Gear followed up his post with a video of his girlfriend Lisa Hogan looking on her phone, seeming unfazed by the whirling substance.

She was also seen with a mask placed on her arm.

Jeremy wrote: “Also not bothered.”

Fans flocked to the posts to query what the substance was.

Presenter Julia Bradbury wrote: “Is that anti-covid gas they’re spraying?”

In response to Julia’s post, one Instagram user wrote: “It is water vapour, the hot humid air being cooled produces water vapour/misting. It happens when it’s very warm, more common than you think.”

Another asked: “What’s all that smoke?”

A third queried: “Is that smoke in a plane?”

“What the actual hell is going on Jeremy?”, echoed a fourth.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, fog, mist, vapour or UV treatments have been deemed suitable options to help control the spread of the virus.

Some treatments include liquid disinfectants, which are used to create a mist or vapour at a safe level and these can be used in aviation processes, if deemed appropiate. 

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Louis Hofmann: Who is Dark star Louis Hofmann? Meet the actor behind Jonas Kahnwald




Most recently, Hofmann has starred in Prélude and The German Lesson.

In a recent interview with Arab News, Hofmann spoke about leaving behind Dark, saying: “The last scene was mine and Lisa’s last shooting day.

“We had closure for the characters, but we also had closure for us. And I, as Jonas, am saying goodbye to the world and goodbye to his life.

“As Louis, I was saying goodbye to the character, and I think that’s why the scene is so truthful,”

Adding: “I saw peace in the characters’ eyes. In every single one of them. I felt like it felt right for each of them.”

Dark seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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Ronnie O’Sullivan’s plan to lose snooker match and go running instead: ‘I don’t care’




The five-time world champion describes himself as “semi-retired” when it comes to the sport these days, despite a clear desire from fans for him to carry on. Known for his unpredictable temperament and audacious views, the Rocket has come under fire from snooker’s governing body for his actions over the past. Despite this, the 44-year-old has been honest about his relationship with the sport, admitting previously that he “regrets ever playing snooker” adding “I’d probably have been happier doing something outside with an adrenalin buzz”.

He has battled all his life with addiction, something that threatened to derail his career many moons ago, but he turned his life around channelling that into something good – running and eating healthily.

But there was one time the potting maestro even considered skipping a match to stretch his legs.

During the quarter-finals of the Northern Ireland Trophy in 2007, O’Sullivan’s mind was on a cross-country race. 

He told INTERSPORT Running: “I’d just beat Ali Carter, had five centuries and one of them was a 147.

“I remember we had the Met League, it might have been one of our home races, I’m not sure, but wherever it was I was going to go.  

“I was thinking ‘that’s on Saturday and if I win my next match it means I’ll not be able to race.’

“It was really doing my head in. Even though I was training with the local running club in Ireland, it was fantastic, but there was no feeling like racing.”

O’Sullivan went on to detail how the saga unravelled.

He added in May: “I told the guy this and he said there was an Irish cross country race going on and I could run in that. 

READ MORE: Ronnie O’Sullivan ‘regrets ever playing snooker’ and demands children never pick up cue

“All the leagues seemed to run at the same time, the same weekend. 

“I went and bought myself a pair of spikes and quickly learned that if I couldn’t do a race that was local to me, I could just go and run races if I was in Wales, Scotland or Ireland.

“There was a point where I was starting to think ‘maybe I’ll just lose this match and get home and do the race that I wanted to do.’”

O’Sullivan did lose his next match, an upset defeat to Irishman Fergal O’Brien, although there is certainly no suggestion he acted on his thoughts and gave up on the game.  

O’Sullivan has spoken openly about this stage of his career before, telling The Way of the Runner podcast: “I was thinking, ‘try and lose,’ and I did a couple of times, not deliberately, but I just went for one too many shots thinking, ‘I don’t actually care’. 

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“Then it was actually starting to get in the way of my snooker, which is not great, really. 

“Knowing how obsessive I am, running became more important than snooker, because I valued it so much.”

O’Sullivan does not run competitively any more, putting that distraction from his snooker career behind him as he looks to bag his sixth World Championship title this summer.

O’Sullivan and Ding Junhui meet in the second round tonight, the third time they will have played at the Crucible, with each man winning one of their previous encounters.

Ding left Sheffield victorious in the 2017 quarter-finals, but he has never gone on to lift the trophy.

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Eamonn Holmes speaks out on Barbara Windsor and husband Scott Mitchell’s ’emotional week’




Instagram users and fans took to the comments section to share their thoughts and wish the actress a happy birthday.

“What a beautiful photo. One to cherish,” wrote one social media user.

“Fabulous pic of you all,” remarked another.

“So lovely, what great entertainment Barbara has given us for so many years,” said a third fan, while another remarked: “National treasure.”

“Anyone who has/had a loved one with this cruel dementia will feel Scott’s pain. Lovely photo,” wrote an understanding follower.

“Heartbreaking what’s happening to the lovely Babs,” said another.

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