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‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut: Ben Affleck Weighs In On His Return As Batman



Justice League fans are finally getting what they have been asking for for years — Zack Snyder’s cut. DC just announced that Snyder will be releasing a special version of his 2017 film, Justice League, that will be closer to his original vision for the movie. While fans are hopeful that Snyder’s cut of Justice League will redeem Ben Affleck, the actor recently shared his thoughts on his big return as the caped crusader.  

Zack Snyder, with ‘Justice League’ stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot | Manuel Velasquez/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Inside Affleck’s run as Batman

When DC first announced that Affleck was the new Batman, fans
had a mixed reaction to the news. But over time, people warmed up to the idea
of Affleck playing Bruce Wayne and were excited to see what he could bring to
the table.

To be fair, Affleck’s version of Batman was not that bad. But the actor’s legacy was hurt by a series of bad movies that were not entirely his fault. This started with his first appearance as the Caped Crusader was in the 2016 film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Although the movie earned over $873 million at the box
office, its budget of $300 million cut into the profits. Critics also panned
the film for its slow pacing, overly complicated storyline, and dark tone.

Affleck’s next appearance as Batman was a brief cameo in Suicide Squad, a film that also received mixed reviews from the critics. But his first two movies as Batman were nothing compared to the disaster that was Justice League.

Not only did Justice
lose money at the box office, but it was also slammed by critics for
a variety of issues, including bad graphics, poor pacing, lackluster writing,
and a bad plot. It didn’t help that Snyder was forced to leave the project
after suffering a personal loss.

Some fans were so disappointed that they basically wanted a redo. And with Snyder’s cut of the movie finally in the works, they might get their wish after all.

HBO to release Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’

Three years have passed since Justice League premiered in theaters, and after a myriad of campaigns and requests, Justice League Snyder Cut is finally going to become a reality.

According to We
Got This Covered
, the director recently opened up about the new version of
the movie and confirmed that it will be a completely different experience than
the theatrical release. Snyder, of course, never watched the movie when it hit
theaters as Joss Whedon stepped in and finished it.

“It will be an entirely new thing, and, especially talking
to those who have seen the released movie, a new experience apart from that
movie. You probably saw one-fourth of what I did,” Snyder explained.

Snyder did not reveal what will be included in the new release but there are plenty of things that will likely be addressed. This includes giving each character additional time on-screen, which should add more depth to the storyline.

Fans might even get to see more of the film’s main villain,
Steppenwolf, as well as Darkseid actually making an appearance. Regardless of what
Snyder includes in the release, it should offer a more complete version of the
movie since it is coming from one director instead of two.

Affleck opens up about his return as Batman in ‘Justice League’

Amid all of the hoopla surrounding Snyder’s cut of Justice League, Affleck recently chimed in on his big return as Batman. Taking to social media, the actor shared a poster of the film and wrote, “2021” in the caption.

The post was simple enough but it immediately started
trending on Twitter and quickly amassed over 8k retweets. Not only are fans
looking forward to what Snyder adds to the movie, but there is also hope that
it gives Affleck a better sending off as the Caped Crusader.

View this post on Instagram

2021. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. @hbomax

A post shared by Ben Affleck (@benaffleck) on

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Affleck was originally supposed to play Bruce Wayne in a stand-alone film in the DCEU. He ultimately backed out of the project, however, due to professional and personal reasons.

Robert Pattinson replaced Affleck and is set to star in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film, The Batman, which is also due to hit theaters in 2021.

HBO plans on releasing Snyder’s cut of Justice League
on its new streaming service HBO Max sometime next year.

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Dakota Johnson Says This Beyoncé Lyric Inspires Her Career




Artists inspire other artists. When Dakota Johnson is feeling down about her prospects, she listens to Beyoncé. Johnson’s latest movie is The High Note. She plays Maggie, an assistant to singer Grace Davis (Tracee Ellis Ross). Johnson said she related to Maggie’s struggle, and also related it to wisdom she found in Beyonce’s music. 

L-R: Zoe Chao and Dakota Johnson | Glen Wilson/Focus Features

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Johnson spoke with Harpar’s Bazaar on May 29 about The High Note. The film is now available on VOD platforms for $19.99 for a 48 hour rental. Here’s the Beyoncé connection she found. 

Dakota Johnson learned “diva” can be a misnomer from Beyoncé

In her song “Diva,” Beyoncé sings, “Now a diva is a female version of a hustla.” Johnson knows exactly what she means and experienced the double standard herself in Hollywood.

Beyoncé | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

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“Isn’t it a Beyoncé lyric that a diva is a female version of a hustler?” Johnson said. “It really just goes back to the female version of what a man does all the time. In an industry where people are constantly searching fot the next thing and wanting something new and fresh, I think definitely people and talents and projects get overlooked all the time.”

Dakota Johnson doesn’t excuse all diva behavior

Johnson also acknowledges that some divas don’t fit Beyoncé’s definition. She doesn’t excuse that, but she also doesn’t excuse dismissing ambition as diva behavior.

L-R: Dakota Johnson and Tracee Ellis Ross | Glen Wilson/Focus Features

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“There are definitely ways where somebody could behave as a diva,” Johnson said. “I think it comes down to when a person is not really kind to the people round them and demands things that are a little bit outlandish and out of control in a more narcissistic way. If a woman is successful and straightforward and intelligent and ambitious, that doesn’t make her a diva in a bad way, but also there are some ancient divas that were glorious and incredible and hyper talented.”

Dakota Johnson’s movie ‘The High Note’ reflects Beyoncé’s spirit

In The High Note, Grace has persevered in her career and Maggie won’t take no for an answer. Johnson sees them as divas in the Beyoncé sense.

“For many, many reasons it’s become a societal norm that women should not strive to reach their dreams,” Johnson said. “That’s something that I think is just such a lie. There are so many women who have done incredible superhuman things in the world. Beyond women, any human being should be encouraged to focus and have ambition and discipline and strive to reach their dreams and really become who they want to be come.”

L-R: Dakota Johnson and Tracee Ellis Ross | Glen Wilson/Focus Features

Johnson particularly related to Maggie facing rejection.

With Maggie, I think that it’s just a cool trait that she doesn’t really ever let that get her down. Though it’s painful and it’s a f*cking bummer, but she keeps going because it’s all she has. I definitely have experienced that. I still do all the time. I’ve wanted to have my production company for a long time. There were many people who said, ‘You can’t do it that way’ or ‘That way won’t work’ or ‘You need to do this to get to this place,’ but I really believed that I could do it a different way and I did. I think it’s the same sort of message that Maggie just believes in herself and I do too.

Dakota Johnson, Harper’s Bazaar, 5/29/2020

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The Primary Actors Rumored For Beta Ray Bill in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’




Thor: Love and Thunder is shaping up to be one of the most highly-anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 installments. Not only will the God of Thunder likely bid the landscape farewell — leaving Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor to take his place — but a fan-favorite character is also rumored to be joining the movie. 

Beta Ray Bill | Marvel/Disney XD via Getty images)

While director Taika Waititi has not confirmed Beta Ray Bill’s significance to the upcoming movie, he has not denied the character’s rumored presence either. Fans have been quick to assume that the character will debut, even if at the tale end for latter narrative purposes. He may make an end-credits scene appearance, signaling a future role in the landscape at large, or play a primary or secondary villain (turned hero if depicted canonically). Yet, who are the actors rumored to be taking on the role? 

1. Christian Bale will play a villain in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder.’ Is Beta Ray Bill a villain?

Christian Bale will reportedly take on a villain in Thor: Love and Thunder. In the comics, Beta Ray Bill starts out as a villain; he appears to be a baddie upon his introduction in The Mighty Thor #337. In the comics, Thor and Beta Ray Bill’s first interaction is one involving combat, and Beta Ray Bill defeats Thor. 

Not only does Beta Ray Bill defeat Thor in a fight, Beta Ray Bill is able to wield Thor’s hammer during the combat, proving that he is worthy of Mjolnir…and also that he is not one to be mistaken for a villainous threat (more like a heroic force to be reckoned with). 

RELATED: Evidence Suggests Christian Bale Will Play Gorr the God Butcher in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

Though Valkyrie actress Tessa Thompson confirmed that Christian Bale would join the MCU as a villain, one shouldn’t put it past her, Waititi or Feige to throw MCU fans for a loop, allowing Bale to be a villain for a moment or two before segueing into his more heroic, albeit unorthodox narrative. Thus, Christian Bale is still an option for the part. Yet, he’s not the only name on the table. And, he could be more likely to play a one-and-done baddie, as is often the case when the MCU snags major actors for villainous roles.

2. Liam Hemsworth could join his brother in the MCU 

According to past reports from We Got This Covered (WGTC), Marvel Studios is eyeing Chris Hemsworth’s younger brother, Liam Hemsworth, for a major role alongside the God of Thunder. Liam Hemsworth is well-known for his starring role in The Hunger Games as Gale Hawthorne, yet he has also appeared in Killerman, The Last Song, Isn’t It Romantic, Paranoia, Independence Day: Resurgence, and more. 

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While Liam Hemsworth boasts a diverse portfolio, several of his major roles fall under the action/sci-fi/fantasy umbrella, making him a perfect pick for the MCU. And, considering the brotherly dynamic that Beta Ray Bill and Thor go onto boast, what better than snagging Chris Hemsworth’s actual brother for the part? 

WGTC relied on the same sources who knew Paramount was rebooting Transformers and that National Treasure 3 was on the horizon when reporting the news that Liam Hemsworth could play Beta Ray Bill. What would be a better, more apropos way to send off an actor and a character who has worked to define the landscape since its early years? Especially if Liam Hemsworth will have a presence in later installments; fans would see the older brother passing the torch to his younger brother — on and off the screen.

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Taylor Swift Attacks Donald Trump: Martha Hunt and More Celebrities Praising Her Message




After years of being criticized for not taking a stance politically, Taylor Swift has spent the last couple of years fighting for what she believes in. Beginning with an endorsement during the 2018 midterm elections, the singer-songwriter made it known far and wide that she’s a Democrat.

While her song “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince” points to her dislike of Donald Trump’s administration, Swift has mostly refrained from name-dropping the 45th president of the U.S. That is, until now. Check out her tweet on Trump’s response to George Floyd’s death, and the notable celebrities supporting her.

Martha Hunt

Taylor Swift and Martha Hunt during New York Fashion Week on September 9, 2016 | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Tommy Hilfiger

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Model Martha Hunt and Swift have a friendship that dates back several years. They’ve remained close, even as Swift drifted apart from another member of their friend group: Karlie Kloss (who, as the sister-in-law of Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has a reason to stay out of this fight).

Hunt replied to Swift’s message on Twitter, “This! Trump has continued to encourage an environment for radicalized racism as a white supremacist… What did he expect? How much brazen racism can people take peacefully? He wants a race war and asked for killings last night.”

Ben Platt

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Actor Ben Platt is, like Swift, also a singer and songwriter. He got his start on Broadway at a young age before making his way into film and TV with the Pitch Perfect series. At present, he stars in the Netflix series The Politician, so he knows a thing or two about the good and bad in our leadership.

Platt’s simply responded to Swift on Twitter, “f*ck yeah.” This came after his above tweet. Though it doesn’t include Trump’s name, Platt makes it clear that he’s referring to the current president, who he calls “vile, unintelligent & malicious,” and says we need to “vote to replace him or personally perpetuate evil & wrong.”

Debra Messing

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Another politically active actor is Debra Messing. The Will & Grace star is also known for her main roles in TV series such as Smash and The Mysteries of Laura. Like Swift, she is unapologetic about her opinions and even co-hosts a podcast, The Dissenters, in which they speak to those making a difference.

In response to Swift’s Twitter message, Messing quote-tweeted her and added, “THANK YOU for using your voice @taylorswift13. #Trump is a dangerous, virulently racist, unstable man. Pray for our country.”

Alyssa Milano

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As far as politically active actors go, Alyssa Milano must be mentioned. While appearing in such series as Netflix’s Insatiable, the former Who’s the Boss? and Charmed star has used her platform to speak about a variety of issues, while throwing her full support behind presumed Democratic candidate Joe Biden in 2020.

Like Swift, Milano frequently deals with people, including former friends, trying to tear her down. So it’s no surprise to see her support the musician here, replying, “Thank you for using your voice for good” to the tweet in question.

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