Kanye West Made Surprise Appearance on Coachella Set of Kudi Cudi: Following a weekend one operation, Kid Cudi pulled the big guns — or gun, striking — because of his weekend 2 set. Everybody’s debatable fave Kanye West created a”surprise” appearance at the start of Cudi’s final Sahara tent collection, riling up the audience with a opening performance of”Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1″ away West’s 2016 record”The Life of Pablo.”

After this, West hung about for the following 2 tunes from the group Kids Watch Ghosts cooperation, such as”Reborn” and”Freee (Ghost City Pt. 2),” and a rendition of West’s very own”Ghost City” off last season’s”Ye.” He abstained from covering the audience in any way, probably saving that for Sunday’s Easter Service, that will observe attendees waking at the crack of dawn to find excellent seats when doors open in 6 a.m.

The rarely seen rapper was filled with electricity, pacing back and forth across the stage clad in black to contrast with Cudi’s white sweatshirt. He took running jumps throughout the point to emphasize specific moments during”Freee.”

The look, however unannounced, was not just surprising considering he and Cudi’s long cooperation history along with the fact that the rapper was likely to be in the area for its service, which had been declared a couple weeks past.

Cudi also brought a collection of additional guest artists, such as Ty Dolla Sign for”Freee” and also King Chip to get”What I’m” following West departed.

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