Kanye West Super Expensive Gift to Kim Kardashian Worth $20,000

Kanye West Super Expensive Gift to Kim Kardashian Worth $20,000

Kanye West just gifted a super expensive gift to her wife Kim Kardashian that worth around $20,000. From proposing alongside a 50-person orchestra in a baseball stadium to gifting her a $1.4million diamond Lorraine Schwartz choker to mark the birth of their first child, Yeezy spares no expense. And neither does his wife.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s relationship has been one of unequivocal luxury.

The couple’s gift game could only be described as extravagant; hand-painted Birkin bags, “random” Lamborghinis and Mercedes-Benz SUVs, Christmas stockings stuffed with stock options, and island rentals (specifically, Great Guana Cay in the Bahamas), to name but a few. Each tottering around a five- or six-figure price tag.

And Kanye’s latest ‘just because’ gift has only raised the stakes.

Yesterday, the music and fashion mogul gifted Kim a vintage Cartier necklace etched with a photo of their home and, wait for it, words he’d sent her in an old text message.

The necklace reads: “This your life / Married with four kids / Get people out of jail / Cover of Vogue / Go to church every week with your family / Dreams come true”.

Kardashian-West was quick to share a selfie of her in the necklace on Instagram and Twitter, saying “he’s always the most thoughtful when it comes to gifts”.

The necklace itself is estimated to have cost upwards of $20,000, as similar Cartier pendants (like those from the Panthere de Cartier collection, which is close in style to Kim’s but not vintage, therefore less expensive) retail for around $18-20,000 second hand. Not forgetting the cost of careful, custom engraving on top.

Thankfully, Cartier seems to be a pretty safe investment where these two are concerned.

For Kim’s birthday in 2012, Kanye spent $35,000 on a Panthère de Cartier bracelet, then followed up with a brighter, shinier Cartier panther (this time with emerald eyes, an onyx nose, and a white gold trim) for Valentine’s Day 2013. Estimates placed its value between $68,000 and $73,000.

While engraved text message jewellery may not be your average Joe or Jane’s idea of a perfect gift, the necklace is incredibly on-brand for the Kardashian Wests, and there’s something to be learned from Yeezy’s unexpected personal touch.