Kim Kardashian and the whole Kardashian family’s parties are well worth to watch and this year in 2019 their Christmas party is one of the top list events for the year 2019 with full of surprises. As we know or you can guess by looking at Kim’s Instagram profile that she love to decorate.

This year Kim Kardashian wrapped Christmas 2019 presents in something other then paper. Yes, you heard right…!

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2019 holiday gift wrapping by the West!

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And Kanye West helped her in wrapping all these Christmas gifts. As he captioned these pictures with “2019 holiday gift wrapping by the West!”

Now, I have no doubt to say that coming year 2020, we are actually going to save the world by using sustainable items like Kim’s wrapping as she didn’t used paper. These wrappers are also re-usable.

So, we’re saving the earth by using less papers and also not wasting other items as well.

And now excuse me while I try to figure out what these tampon poles are.

So, what you think about Kim’s wrapping idea? Let us know in the comments!