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Kim Kardashian didn’t use paper for Christmas 2019 gifts wrapping, checkout what she used?




Kim Kardashian and the whole Kardashian family’s parties are well worth to watch and this year in 2019 their Christmas party is one of the top list events for the year 2019 with full of surprises. As we know or you can guess by looking at Kim’s Instagram profile that she love to decorate.

This year Kim Kardashian wrapped Christmas 2019 presents in something other then paper. Yes, you heard right…!

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2019 holiday gift wrapping by the West!

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And Kanye West helped her in wrapping all these Christmas gifts. As he captioned these pictures with “2019 holiday gift wrapping by the West!”

Now, I have no doubt to say that coming year 2020, we are actually going to save the world by using sustainable items like Kim’s wrapping as she didn’t used paper. These wrappers are also re-usable.

So, we’re saving the earth by using less papers and also not wasting other items as well.

And now excuse me while I try to figure out what these tampon poles are.

So, what you think about Kim’s wrapping idea? Let us know in the comments!


Jimmy Kimmel Decodes The Term ‘White Privilege’ & We Couldn’t Agree More With It




Jimmy Kimmel Decodes The Term ‘White Privilege’ & We Couldn’t Agree More With It

Television host Jimmy Kimmel is understanding the true meaning of white privilege and says, while it doesn’t mean ones life hasn’t been hard, it is just that the colour of his skin hasn’t played any part in bringing trouble in his life.

Kimmel broke down the meaning of white privilege in the opening monologue of his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, reports

“Over the past week, I’ve been hearing, I’ve been reading very thoughtful posts and words from very smart people, some of whom say white people shouldn’t be talking right now, they should be listening. And I get that. And I don’t disagree with that. But I’m the only one here and it’s a talk show. So, I want to share what I’ve been thinking about and trying to sort through,” he said.

Kimmel explained how he has been living with the wrong definition of “white privilege”.

He said: “I know that a lot of white people bristle when they hear the word ‘privilege’, as in ‘white privilege’, because there are millions of white people who didn’t grow up with the money, or a good education, or a solid family background, or maybe even a family at all. So when they hear the word ‘privilege’, they go, ‘What privilege? … You hear the phrase ‘white privilege’ and it’s easy to get defensive. The first time I heard it, I did. To me, white privilege was what Donald Trump had, a wealthy father and a silver spoon in his mouth. It wasn’t what I grew up with, so I rejected it because I didn’t understand what white privilege meant. But I think I do now. I think I at least understand some of it.”

The host said that the white people “don’t have to deal with negative assumptions being made about us based on the colour of our skin”.

“It rarely happens, if ever, whereas black people experience that every day. And please don’t tell me you don’t ever make assumptions about people based on the colour of their skin, because I just don’t believe it. We all do. I know I have. I’m embarrassed to say it, but I have,” he continued.

He then asked his audience to imagine the frustration of “to prove yourself to be something other than what people assume you probably are”.

“Imagine how frustrating it must be to get handcuffed, or frisked, or pulled over, just because you’re Black. Even if the cop looks in the car and goes, ‘Okay, everything’s fine, have a nice day’. How do you swallow that and move on with your day? I don’t know about you, but that would make me furious,” he added.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” is aired in India on Star World.

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Kangana Ranaut On Why Thalaivi Won’t Have An OTT Release: “It Is Such A Massive Scale Film”




Kangana Ranaut calls Forbes polls fake, explains the number game, says you don’t get what you wish you get what you deserve
Kangana Ranaut On Why Thalaivi Won’t Have An OTT Release: “It Is Such A Massive Scale Film”

Kangana Ranaut is known for her outspoken and bold attitude. Recently she opened up about her thoughts on releasing films on OTT Platforms, her insights on the COVID-19 situation affecting the film industry and much more.

Kangana Ranaut opened up about the ongoing pandemic and nationwide lockdown many films are opting for an OTT Platform release, and if she would be okay if her film directly releases on an OTT platform she says, “It depends. For example, a film like Thalaivi just can’t release on digital because it is such a massive scale film, neither a movie like Manikarnika is a digital space film, but yes films like Panga, Judgementall Hai Kya also cater to that audience. The way the film is made, it is very digital-friendly. They have recovered huge costs through digital itself. So, it depends.”

Kangana Ranaut is known to be the highest-paid actress in Bollywood. Opening up about the impact of the lockdown on the fees that actors charge, Ranaut says that it is inevitable. “For Thalaivi, it is a bilingual film. As a matter of fact, the film is sold to both Netflix and Amazon in both Hindi and Tamil for around Rs 55 crore. They also have satellite rights to sell for both languages and also distribution rights. So, whenever a project is conceived, there is a financial blueprint to it, recovery blueprint to it. Then they match actors and their market worth and accordingly are approached.”

Opening up about how she charges her fees while taking up a project, Kangana Ranaut concluded saying, “When I take a project, I always see the recovery blueprint and then I charge. People sometimes don’t understand that, they just randomly say this is how much we charge. I think that is why I see magazines like Forbes just randomly writing we’re charging this much but we just don’t charge what you want to charge; we charge what we get, in terms of the dynamics of business.”

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Michael Kiwanuka voices support for Black Lives Matter: “I will do more to lift up my people”




Michael Kiwanuka

Michael Kiwanuka has shared his support for Black Lives Matter in an impassioned message on social media.

It comes after the death of George Floyd in police custody last week, which sparked demonstrations across the globe.

“The way so much of the world has been designed has often caused me and so many other black people psychological damage,” Kiwanuka wrote.

“We so often hear that we are lesser than because we are black. We are a label, a token, a statistic, and we can be dehumanised. I’ve spoken about it in my music but I wanted to declare in words that I’m proud to be black.

“We are so beautiful and have such a wonderful history of strength, overcoming, talent, innovation, creativity, invention and love.”

He continued: “But recent events have brought up feelings I realised I had to bury in order to continue to walk through this life. Music has given me an outlet, however not everyone is as fortunate as me so I will do more to lift up my people.

“I’ve been singing, but I’ll talk, act and whatever else to prevent the psychological and physical damage, in many cases death which comes from being black in the west. Black Lives Matter and always have done and always will.”

Kiwanuka’s support for Black Lives Matter comes after he explored issues relating to his own identity on his third, self-titled album which was released in 2019.

“My name, for me, represents quite a lot about my background, my history,” he previously said of the album title.

It celebrates my uniqueness and says I’m OK with being a bit different, being myself. Kiwanuka is not a common name on the UK, it’s a Ugandan name, and [the album title] is about being first-generation African.”

Yesterday, thousands of people in the UK showed solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement by attending a massive protest in London’s Hyde Park.

The event also saw John Boyega receiving widespread praise for addressing the huge crowd.

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