Kim Kardashian Instagram Thinks She is Cheating? Here’s Why

Kim Kardashian Instagram Thinks She is Cheating? Here’s Why

Kim Kardashian Instagram Thinks She is Cheating? Here’s Why: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are now approaching five years of marriage. Despite a relationship dating back to 2012 and three children, Instagram appears convinced – Kim may have inadvertently just admitted to cheating. Not on the guy everyone’s picturing, though.

The social media storm centers around a post (seen below) made to Kim’s Instagram two days ago. The throwback shot shows a much younger Kim and Kanye. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has her gaze fixated on West. A caption stating that she “always had eyes” for him confirms affection on her part.

The snap’s date has been placed at 2011, per The Hollywood Gossip. The media outlet has been collating responses to the post – clearly, by beady-eyed fans. Enough seem sufficiently well-versed in this couple’s relationship history to have spotted something. Namely, that at least one party wasn’t technically single when the picture was taken. One fan pointed towards Kim’s brief, 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries.

“But you were married in this picture”

Another threw out a comment regarding West.

“He was with Amber then”

Complex‘s timeline of West and Amber Rose’s relationship states a split date of 2010. While this places into question the accuracy of “he was with Amber,” the issue of Kim’s relationship status in 2011 is indisputable. As USA Today reports, Kim’s 2011 marriage to Humphries didn’t see a divorce officially come through until 2013.

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Always had 👀 for him 😘

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The Hollywood Gossip proceeds to quote an Instagram user claiming to have witnessed the moment the above picture was taken. “Yep, I remember this and the look they gave each other. I was like uh uhn,” they wrote.

A relationship timeline constructed by This Is Insider states that Kim and Kanye first met in 2003. It quotes Kanye’s 2013 words to Ryan Seacrest regarding Kim.

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