Kim Kardashian Slammed the Rumors Over Booing Tristan Thompson at Cavs vs. Lakers Game

Kim Kardashian Slammed the Rumors Over Booing Tristan Thompson at Cavs vs. Lakers Game

If you remember what happened on 13th night than you probably heard of the incident at Cavs vs. Lakers Game. When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were watching the match and many Twitter users claimed that she was booing Tristan Thompson. Sports Daily Blog also posted a video on Twitter:

And user @balldntlie also stated that she stood up courtside just to boo Tristan Thompson at the free-throw line.

Kim Kardashian really stood up courtside so she could boo Tristan Thompson at the Free-throw line.

and so @ChicksInTheOff as well

Kim Kardashian booing Tristan Thompson at the line 👑

The claim was pretty obvious and trustable because at first she was in the Trishan match and second Trishan was cheated on Khloé Kardashian several times especially during her third trimester of pregnancy, and after he cheated on her again with close family friend Jordyn Woods. But Khloé and her ex are on pretty good terms for the sake of their daughter True, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Kim was also putting in an effort.

So, this was whole case but recently last night Kim Kardashian tweeted and slammed rumors that she was not booing him and don’t go to hate. “I was there to support him! And was cheering screaming LETS GO TRISTAN!!!!! I would never go boo anyone. I don’t go to hate, only to cheer!”, she tweeted.

And her reply pretty much trustworthy because Kim and Tristan were actually spotted having dinner together back in September, with a source telling E! News“Tristan arrived at 9 p.m. alone, kept a very low profile, hands in his pockets, head down, and did not say anything. They were there for a good hour at the same time. Kim left at about 10 p.m. and Tristan excited about 15 minutes later. He walked out with security but did not see any friends that may have been with him. He kept it really low-key, got into his SUV, and that was it.”