The lifestyle of big celebrities and rich people usually surprises. The same can be said about the American model Kim Kardashian West. Actually, you will also be surprised by Kim’s fridge. Kim has posted a lot of pantry stories on Instagram. Many drinks in this story are freezers. In the story of Walk in Fridge, Kim first showed the pantry which had glass jars of sprinkles, nuts, serials as well as a yogurt machine. After this, Kim showed the pantry in which water, ginger juice and milk were kept. 

After this, he showed fruits, vegetables, catch ups, jams and mayonnaise in the walk-in fridge. Finally he showed the pantry which had another freezer for dry staples and frozen items.

After this, Insta users started comparing Kim’s pantry to the super market. Many users wrote that Kim’s fridge and refrigerator are as much as her apartment. Users wrote that things kept in Kim’s fridge have a bigger house than them. Users say that I wish we had something kept in Kim’s fridge.