Kim Kardashian Trademark “Psalm West” After Kris Jenner Interview

Kim Kardashian Trademark “Psalm West” After Kris Jenner Interview

We Have come to anticipate unusual names from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

After all, this is the couple who previously gave us North West, Saint West, and Chicago West.

However, some people believe the Kardashian-Wests awakened themselves once they picked a moniker to their child.

Psalm West” immediately turned into a trending subject if Kimye made the statement last week.

Kim, Kanye, and family
Kim, Kanye, and family

And we probably do not have to inform you the comments wasn’t completely positive.

In fact, many were quick to roast Kim and Kanye for what they viewed as a laughably sanctimonious appellation.

However, the Kard clan has spent the previous ten years working under a really particular business model that entails turning online hate in to cold, hard cash.

And so they won’t allow a couple million naysayers stop them from cashing in on Lil Psalm’s name.

Based on TMZ, Kim has filed to possess “Psalm West” trademark shielded so that her business may use the title to advertise a potential haircare line… and many, a number of different products.

These goods include — but Aren’t Limited to:

Entertainment providers, personal looks, skincare, probiotic supplements, toy characters and doll accessories, computer software, clothes, baby bottles, accessories, furniture, beverageware, swaddling blankets.

Kim Kardashian and Chicago
Kim Kardashian and Chicago

And there is more:

Skin moisturizers, lotions, creams, bubble bath, fragrances, body powders, shower gels, body oils, skin serums, nail polish, nail polish remover, nail care preparations.

Puppets, puzzles, toy jewelry, toy cameras, toy food, bath toys, baby gyms, playground balls, electronic action toys, baby bouncers, baby changing tables, baby walkers, pillows, mirrors, cushions, picture frames, and playpens.

Believe it or not, the list goes on (and on, and on …) from there

Pretty random Range of things, but do not worry, Kim also shielded herself in regards to more age-appropriate Goods, for example:

It might look like an odd movement, as Kim and Kanye have not promoted any merchandise named after their past few children (yet).

What’s Psalm some type of gold boy who is being tasked with carrying the family fortune in the second generation?

Kim and Kanye in season 16
Kim and Kanye in season 16

Not necessarily.

Kim and Kanye have licensed all their kids’ titles (although not always in regards to so many goods ).

So far as we could tell, it is their method of ensuring that the children are going to have the ability to profit on their titles once the time comes — and a safeguard against anybody else doing this in the meantime.

Elsewhere in the book of Psalms, Kris Jenner got all huffy when somebody pointed out just how bizarre the title is, and she pointed out it’s a brand new reference, since apparently, she believes us poors can also be dumbs:

“The inspiration was that the Book of Psalms from the Bible,” Jenner told Entertainment Tonight.

“I think that it’s only an excellent way to observe how they feel.

“And he is such a boon, so it is ideal.”

Yeah, but perhaps a children’ title ought to be about the child and not as much about the fact that his father was on a spiritual kick at that time that he had been born.

Only a thought.

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