Lights-out A Plan For Unity Or An Impractical Hoax?

Lights-out A Plan For Unity Or An Impractical Hoax?

Tonight at 9 PM, India will switch off all the lights for an exact 9 minutes, to brighten up the nation with candles, Diya, lamps and torches! Indians are keyed up to follow this exhortation and it will be a visual treat for all of us! Not just this but it is a movement to shirk the shadows of COVID-19.
PM Modi on 4 th April, addressed the nation in a video message to switch off all the lights for 9 minutes at 9 PM (JUST THE LIGHTS AND NO OTHER APPLIANCES) and light up lamps, torches or phone flashlights to
fight against the negativity of Coronavirus.
“On April 5, we will all come together to give COVID-19 a message. All of us must come together at 9 pm on April 5 for nine minutes to shut their lights and come to your balconies to light a candle, torch or mobile flashlight and leave the rest of the lights off. This is our message that we are fighting COVID-19,” – Narendra Modi
While many are speculating the need of this exhortation , A gigantic number of people are holding back their excitement for this interesting affair!

How the power system will cope up with this :Will, there be a Grid-Collapse?
“The sudden drop and following rise will be managed by using hydro and gas generators that require the least amount of time for ramp-up. According to the plan, all regional grid managers have been advised to maintain their interchange with the grid as per schedule. Electricity distribution companies have been ordered to avoid any feeder switching operations from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Sunday. Control rooms both at the regional and state levels will be monitoring the grid during the entire exercise and would tackle any contingency that spurs up”.

The WhatsApp university is flooded with several such messages which consider this activity to be related to astrology and religious beliefs. Have a look: “No 9. 9 am speech. 9 minutes at 9 pm on April 5 (5+4=9). 9 days lockdown over. 9 days left on April 5th. 9 Planets. No 9 = Mars (Mangal – the planet of Light & Fire). Modi Ji igniting the planet of light & fire fo
Welfare of India. Simply Outstanding!!!”
“ Coronavirus does not survive in hot temperature, as per NASA If 130 candles are lit together, the temperature will increase 9 degrees, so corona will die at 9:09 PM”
These are one of the most circulated supervisions that people believe to be true however many oppose this idea and call it a gigantic hoax.
One such mockery was made by Mr Kapil sibal who tweeted a dissenting opinion about today’s 9 PM “lights-out” and made a plausible statement: Light the ‘ Diya ‘ of reason Not that of superstition!

Tell us what are your plans for the night? Do you plan to stand by the Prime Minister’s Address or consider it worthless and impractical?

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