Lockdown diaries: Aham Sharma hones the singer in him

Mumbai: Actor Aham Sharma, who has featured in TV shows such as “Mahabharat” and “Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gatha”, says he has always been fascinated by singing and is now learning new songs to beat the lockdown blues.

“I am spending most of my time with my family. I have been catching up on a few books related to craft and fiction, documentaries as they keep me positive,” he said.

Fitness continues to be important for him.

“I am doing Suryanamaskar, pushups and yoga to stay fit,” said Aham.

As lockdown has been extended, he says he has lots of free time.

“I am planning to polish my martial arts techniques which I couldn’t do on regular days due to hectic shooting schedules,” he said.

“But the special interest which I have started taking since the lockdown started, is singing. I have always been fascinated by singing, so what better way to utilise the free time. I am learning new songs everyday, doing riyaz to train myself and sharpen my skills,” he said.

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