Lockdown to be extended beyond April 14? Check out full news!

Lockdown to be extended beyond April 14? Check out full news!

The Central government is looking to extend the lockdown beyond April 14 after many health experts and state governments suggested this course of action considering how coronavirus is still prevalent throughout the country.

The announcement comes days after the PM had called upon a meeting of chief ministers to come up with a strategy towards a “staggered exit” from the lockdown by drawing up a district-wise phased plan. But many states weren’t onboard as they apparently felt that such implementation would be challenging, especially when COVID-19 cases have still not decreased.

“A lot of state governments, as well as experts, are requesting the Centre to extend the lockdown. The central government is thinking in this direction,” top government sources said on Tuesday.

“It’s an evolving situation. The government wishes to just wait and hold on (to the lockdown). Most big states like UP, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana and Rajasthan want this as cases have been on the rise over the last week. Nearly 300 districts have confirmed at least one positive case until now. The PM, in consultation with the CMs, will take a final decision in the next few days,” a senior government official told ET on the condition of anonymity.

The governments are worried that lifting the lockdown will result in breaking of the social distancing norms and cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, which are necessary for economic stability are the ones which are affected the most by COVID-19 and will continue to remain under a lockdown.

According to speculations, an extension of about two weeks until April-end is under consideration.

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