Logitech And Herman Miller Reveal A Ridiculously Expensive Gaming Chair

Logitech has revealed its collaboration with Herman Miller, the makers of luxury and ergonomically engineered office chairs. The result is a gaming chair that looks nothing like you would expect it to, and costs far more than you might want to spend.

The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair is (aside from being a mouthful) almost unchanged from the original design Herman Miller has been selling for a while now. It features a range of comfort adjustments, including a back support segmented into 150 individual pieces that can be adjusted to perfectly match the curvature of your spine. There’s also a finely tuned recline support as well as a seat adjustment that lets you get the perfect angle between your knees or thighs and your lower leg.

Gaming-specific features are almost non-existent, aside from the all black finish and a very Logitech-looking blue hue to the back support that you can see on the rear of the chair. The one notable addition is the inclusion of a copper-infused material on the back cushioning, which is meant to help distribute heat and keep you cool while using the chair for hours on end. This is, for all intents and purposes, the same chair Herman Miller has been selling to offices for years, just marketed to Logitech’s gaming audience.

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