Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth 2019

Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth 2019

Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth 2019: Machine Gun Kelly is an American rapper and actor, from Cleveland, Ohio. He started his musical career as a teenager, and released his first mix-tape back in 2006. Today, he is wildly successful in the industry, and is one of the most looked up to rappers in the game. He is also known as MGK.

Machine Gun Kelly earns money from sources other than rapping. One of his income sources is acting. He has appeared in the movie Nerve, starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, playing the role of Ty. He also appeared in the movies Beyond the Lights, Viral, and The Land.

The rapper has also built wealth through his work as a composer. His credits for composing include the songs “At My Best” with Hailee Steinfeld and “Bad Things” with Camila Cabello.

Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth 2019

In 2019, Machine Gun Kelly’s net worth is roughly around $8 million. MGK has worked with all kinds of artists over the years, including the likes of  Young Jeezy, Meek Mill, and Wiz Khalifa.

The Early Life

Machine Gun Kelly developed an interest in music at the age of four. He has lived in several places, including Chicago, Denver, Egypt, Germany, Houston, and Los Angeles. He eventually settled in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2005.

How Machine Gun Kelly got his name

The rapper’s stage name is a reference to his rap style, which flows at a rapid-fire pace. His name is also a reference to George “Machine Gun Kelly” Barnes. George Barnes was a well-known criminal who was given a life prison sentence for engaging in illegal liquor trafficking, kidnapping, and bank robbery.

Recent Controversy

Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly
Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly ruffled quite a few feathers when he became involved in a rap beef with fellow rappers G-Eazy and Eminem. His clash with Eminem drew headlines because it is widely known in the rap community that beefs with Eminem usually result in a harsh tongue-lashing in the form of a diss track.

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A few years ago, rapper The Game said during an interview, “If you notice, in Hip Hop, Eminem is the only rapper that nobody ever wants a problem with, including myself. Eminem is the most lyrically insane … I don’t think there’s a rapper he won’t slay. You don’t want to war with Eminem, he’s crazy … You don’t want a beef with Eminem. He shreds MCs.” Even comedian Chris Rock joked about how unwise it is to say anything bad about Eminem.

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