Madden NFL 21 Getting Backyard Football Mode

Madden NFL 21‘s new mode is The Yard, an homage to backyard football featuring fast-paced games with six-man teams. The mode will feature gameplay similar to the NFL Street series and other, more casual sports titles.

The Yard will offer trick plays and house rules that can be customized from match-to-match. Players will also create an avatar for the mode, which will feature progression through an XP system and a constant rotation of fresh looks, courtesy of the Style Zone. The character is also the star of a narrative experience called The Yard: Underground, which will feature 5-on-5 gameplay, available through the Madden NFL 21 Mobile app.

The main game and the mobile version will share progression, inventory, and in-game currency, so players can move between both versions of The Yard seamlessly.

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