Mafia: Definitive Edition Devs Are Working On Their Own Original IP, May Return To Mafia In Future

Mafia: Definitive Edition is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 25, and once it’s out, developer Hanger 13 is going to move on to something entirely new–their own IP. GameSpot has a full interview with Haden Blackman, the game’s director, and he talks about the studio’s plans for the future.

Blackman says that after finishing the DLC for Mafia III, the team began work on a new IP. This could be a reference to Rhapsody, a Berlin-set spy game that was reportedly in the works at the developer (the game’s map was found inside Mafia III: Definitive Edition). It’s unclear whether Rhapsody is still being worked on, but something other than Mafia is definitely in the works.

While work was going on this IP, the team started to think about what to do next with Mafia, and eventually settled on a remake of the original. This came about because it was clear they were not ready to start on an entirely new project just yet. “When we started to wind down on Mafia III, we had already started kicking around ideas for our original IP,” Blackman recalls. “We knew that we were going to have a team, especially on the art and kind of media team side, that we wouldn’t be able to leverage right away.”

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