Marvel Supervillains That Are More Powerful Than Thanos

Marvel Supervillains That Are More Powerful Than Thanos

Marvel Supervillains That Are More Powerful Than Thanos: Hey there, Marvel fans eagerly anticipating the next Avengers movie aren’t you well while the plot with Thanos is incredibly epic it’s only natural to dwell on what’s coming next to the MCU what are we gonna see after the end credits another threat and another villain even more terrible than the mad Titan perhaps I suggest we look at what the Marvel Universe has to offer in this regard.

I bet you won’t be disappointed so who do we start with I think with one of the most controversial Marvel characters Galactus you see while Thanos is driven by his own moral albeit twisted code Galactus will have none of this nonsense he was a mortal man once but he transformed into an almost all-powerful entity in a cataclysm of a universal scale Galactus is dubbed a world devourer for her good reason he devours entire planets to feed himself.

If you’re a fan of the MCU you must have seen his presence in another movie Fantastic Four rise of the Silver Surfer the Silver Surfer is in fact his Herald and errand boy of sorts. He seeks out worlds for Galactus to consume and prepares their inhabitants for Destruction.

I know what you might ask next wait if Galactus made an appearance in another franchise doesn’t it mean he shouldn’t be present in an Avengers movie well since the Fantastic Four franchise has been relaunched you can’t help but think that Marvel would at least consider making Galactus the next uber villain in the Avengers universe to my mind he makes perfect sense however so does the next guy on my level his name’s Muffy stout.

If you’re not an avid fan of comics you might have missed this character altogether but hey the MCU introduces new villains all the time so why not him but let’s start with the basics Mephisto is a seemingly immortal demonic being that does all kinds of evil stuff.

He’s based on the notorious mephistopheles from Goths Faust and bears a great resemblance to that demon if you remember Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage the one who turned Johnny Blaze into a biker with a flaming skull was none other than buffy Stowe however that’s only a tiny particle of his real powers and those are immense he possesses all kinds of magical skills shape shifts and can even alter time itself as a demon he acquires even greater power when he’s in his own realm in the comics he’s even battled it out on par with Galactus could he be the next Avengers ultimate foe as likely as anyone.

If you ask me but let’s not forget about the villains that have already made their appearance in the MCU how about Dormammu for example although Doctor Strange stalemated him in his very own movie with the help of only a single infinity gem Dormammu is still a force to be reckoned with as you may remember Doctor Strange didn’t defeat the mighty being he only made him leave Earth alone using the power of the time gem Dormammu is the ruler of the Dark Dimension a realm of his own his ambitions have always lain in the human world however so he makes a great supervillain to combat.

The Avengers to top it off in the comic universe he teamed up with Loki another recurrent baddie to confuse yesu the Avengers so if he becomes the one to confront the team of superheroes after Thanos I wouldn’t be surprised at all will you give me a thumbs up if you agree still speaking about forces greater than Thanos himself we should remember his one real love yes no not the abstract death that eventually comes after all things mortal but death incarnate you see in the Marvel multiverse such notions as love hate eternity and well death are all personified and Thanos kind of worships his ladylove.

Yes, it’s a she it’s not really clear from the movie but in the comic series the mad Titan does what he does for the sake of death so should we be surprised. If there happens to be a plot twist that includes this humanized force of nature who knows maybe when the Avengers finally deal with Thanos his mistress will decide to avenge him pun intended sorry this could raise the stakes enough for the next grand battle of the universe but what if we got to an even higher level of power something so incredibly mighty you can’t even fathom its hugeness that would be awesome in a sense that even the Avengers and guardians of the galaxy combined would probably not be able to fight such a foe without some extra help and that flow is a praxis to get my meaning consider this he’s basically the embodiment of destruction or if you prefer destruction itself remember how I told you that eternity is also a human-like being well.

Abraxas has grown inside him he’s the natural counterpart of eternity which is the creator of worlds and he seeks to escape his parent and guardian once upon a time. He actually managed to do so why do I say he’s on a whole new level of power at the very least because he defeated Galactus like it was nothing another universe is Galactus but Galactus all the same and that’s something to ponder on if such a guy decides to attack our poor earth or our poor universe for that matter not even the Avengers will have a chance against him a terrifying prospect indeed there’s one more supervillain that holds a grudge against earth Annihilus an insectoid overlord of a realm called the negative zone.

A nihilist was originally angered by the Fantastic Four in the comics series after they escaped his wrath he seeks nothing else but to destroy earth. Although he can’t go out of the negative zone of his own will eventually though he finds a way out and gathers an enormous fleet of battleships to conquer the whole universe see the rise of ambition you bet do you think a giant armada of insectoid aliens is just what the next Avengers movie needs share your opinion in the comments now to the tastiest part of the show all the guys.

I told you about earlier are cool and all but they have two drawbacks that make them less likely candidates for super villains in the upcoming Avengers movies. First they have rather dubious connections with the current MCU state. Second they are no match for the ones I’m going to tell you about in a moment.

So who are these powerful enemies of the universe for one there are Celestials these are cosmic entities whose origins are not exactly known in the Marvel Cinematic Universe we’ve seen one of them in guardians of the galaxy vol 2. Remember ego the Living Planet that’s him Celestials are the original Masters of the infinity gems so it only makes sense that one or two of them would return to take the gauntlet from Thanos.

If they managed to do so that would be one huge twist you could only wonder what a creature far more powerful than Thanos without the gauntlet could do with one.

Still I somehow doubt that the infinity gems assembled will take a large part in the upcoming movies. That brings us to the last but not in anyway least character to assume. The role of uber villain lord chaos.

If this name doesn’t ring a bell. I don’t blame you as it hasn’t yet appeared in any of the MCU movies but I strongly believe that it should you see when Thanos snapped his fingers and destroyed half the universe. He basically crippled the natural course of events and that couldn’t have gone unnoticed by the big guys in the Marvel mythos.

Those big guys are two brothers Lord chaos and master order. Each representing the quality their name suggests. When the scale is tipped by Thanos his actions Lord chaos just might become interested in taking over the universe for himself.

And despite being a cosmic entity with seemingly infinite powers he still has a brother who will always oppose him, doesn’t that make for a cool collaboration if the Avengers team up with master order to stop the evil force of Lord chaos sounds like an epic battle to me.

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