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Marvel Supervillains That Are More Powerful Than Thanos



Marvel Supervillains That Are More Powerful Than Thanos

Marvel Supervillains That Are More Powerful Than Thanos: Hey there, Marvel fans eagerly anticipating the next Avengers movie aren’t you well while the plot with Thanos is incredibly epic it’s only natural to dwell on what’s coming next to the MCU what are we gonna see after the end credits another threat and another villain even more terrible than the mad Titan perhaps I suggest we look at what the Marvel Universe has to offer in this regard.

I bet you won’t be disappointed so who do we start with I think with one of the most controversial Marvel characters Galactus you see while Thanos is driven by his own moral albeit twisted code Galactus will have none of this nonsense he was a mortal man once but he transformed into an almost all-powerful entity in a cataclysm of a universal scale Galactus is dubbed a world devourer for her good reason he devours entire planets to feed himself.

If you’re a fan of the MCU you must have seen his presence in another movie Fantastic Four rise of the Silver Surfer the Silver Surfer is in fact his Herald and errand boy of sorts. He seeks out worlds for Galactus to consume and prepares their inhabitants for Destruction.

I know what you might ask next wait if Galactus made an appearance in another franchise doesn’t it mean he shouldn’t be present in an Avengers movie well since the Fantastic Four franchise has been relaunched you can’t help but think that Marvel would at least consider making Galactus the next uber villain in the Avengers universe to my mind he makes perfect sense however so does the next guy on my level his name’s Muffy stout.

If you’re not an avid fan of comics you might have missed this character altogether but hey the MCU introduces new villains all the time so why not him but let’s start with the basics Mephisto is a seemingly immortal demonic being that does all kinds of evil stuff.

He’s based on the notorious mephistopheles from Goths Faust and bears a great resemblance to that demon if you remember Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage the one who turned Johnny Blaze into a biker with a flaming skull was none other than buffy Stowe however that’s only a tiny particle of his real powers and those are immense he possesses all kinds of magical skills shape shifts and can even alter time itself as a demon he acquires even greater power when he’s in his own realm in the comics he’s even battled it out on par with Galactus could he be the next Avengers ultimate foe as likely as anyone.

If you ask me but let’s not forget about the villains that have already made their appearance in the MCU how about Dormammu for example although Doctor Strange stalemated him in his very own movie with the help of only a single infinity gem Dormammu is still a force to be reckoned with as you may remember Doctor Strange didn’t defeat the mighty being he only made him leave Earth alone using the power of the time gem Dormammu is the ruler of the Dark Dimension a realm of his own his ambitions have always lain in the human world however so he makes a great supervillain to combat.

The Avengers to top it off in the comic universe he teamed up with Loki another recurrent baddie to confuse yesu the Avengers so if he becomes the one to confront the team of superheroes after Thanos I wouldn’t be surprised at all will you give me a thumbs up if you agree still speaking about forces greater than Thanos himself we should remember his one real love yes no not the abstract death that eventually comes after all things mortal but death incarnate you see in the Marvel multiverse such notions as love hate eternity and well death are all personified and Thanos kind of worships his ladylove.

Yes, it’s a she it’s not really clear from the movie but in the comic series the mad Titan does what he does for the sake of death so should we be surprised. If there happens to be a plot twist that includes this humanized force of nature who knows maybe when the Avengers finally deal with Thanos his mistress will decide to avenge him pun intended sorry this could raise the stakes enough for the next grand battle of the universe but what if we got to an even higher level of power something so incredibly mighty you can’t even fathom its hugeness that would be awesome in a sense that even the Avengers and guardians of the galaxy combined would probably not be able to fight such a foe without some extra help and that flow is a praxis to get my meaning consider this he’s basically the embodiment of destruction or if you prefer destruction itself remember how I told you that eternity is also a human-like being well.

Abraxas has grown inside him he’s the natural counterpart of eternity which is the creator of worlds and he seeks to escape his parent and guardian once upon a time. He actually managed to do so why do I say he’s on a whole new level of power at the very least because he defeated Galactus like it was nothing another universe is Galactus but Galactus all the same and that’s something to ponder on if such a guy decides to attack our poor earth or our poor universe for that matter not even the Avengers will have a chance against him a terrifying prospect indeed there’s one more supervillain that holds a grudge against earth Annihilus an insectoid overlord of a realm called the negative zone.

A nihilist was originally angered by the Fantastic Four in the comics series after they escaped his wrath he seeks nothing else but to destroy earth. Although he can’t go out of the negative zone of his own will eventually though he finds a way out and gathers an enormous fleet of battleships to conquer the whole universe see the rise of ambition you bet do you think a giant armada of insectoid aliens is just what the next Avengers movie needs share your opinion in the comments now to the tastiest part of the show all the guys.

I told you about earlier are cool and all but they have two drawbacks that make them less likely candidates for super villains in the upcoming Avengers movies. First they have rather dubious connections with the current MCU state. Second they are no match for the ones I’m going to tell you about in a moment.

So who are these powerful enemies of the universe for one there are Celestials these are cosmic entities whose origins are not exactly known in the Marvel Cinematic Universe we’ve seen one of them in guardians of the galaxy vol 2. Remember ego the Living Planet that’s him Celestials are the original Masters of the infinity gems so it only makes sense that one or two of them would return to take the gauntlet from Thanos.

If they managed to do so that would be one huge twist you could only wonder what a creature far more powerful than Thanos without the gauntlet could do with one.

Still I somehow doubt that the infinity gems assembled will take a large part in the upcoming movies. That brings us to the last but not in anyway least character to assume. The role of uber villain lord chaos.

If this name doesn’t ring a bell. I don’t blame you as it hasn’t yet appeared in any of the MCU movies but I strongly believe that it should you see when Thanos snapped his fingers and destroyed half the universe. He basically crippled the natural course of events and that couldn’t have gone unnoticed by the big guys in the Marvel mythos.

Those big guys are two brothers Lord chaos and master order. Each representing the quality their name suggests. When the scale is tipped by Thanos his actions Lord chaos just might become interested in taking over the universe for himself.

And despite being a cosmic entity with seemingly infinite powers he still has a brother who will always oppose him, doesn’t that make for a cool collaboration if the Avengers team up with master order to stop the evil force of Lord chaos sounds like an epic battle to me.

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‘Shirley’: Where to Read Shirley Jackson’s Famous Story ‘The Lottery’ After You Watch the Hulu Movie




Elisabeth Moss is earning rave reviews for her portrayal of writer Shirley Jackson in the new movie Shirley. The film — which is available to stream on Hulu beginning June 5 — is a fictionalized take on the life of the acclaimed author of tales of psychological horror and mystery such as The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle. 

Once you’ve watched Shirley, you might be interested in diving deeper into (or revisiting) Jackson’s work. One of the best places to start is her most famous short story, “The Lottery.” 

‘The Lottery’ caused controversy when it was published 

Michael Stuhlbarg and Elisabeth Moss in Shirley | Neon

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Jackson was already an established writer in 1948, when The New Yorker agreed to publish “The Lottery,” which she wrote in less than 2 hours. These days, the story about the residents of a small town who come together to observe an annual ritual where a randomly selected person is stoned to death is frequently assigned in high school literature classes. But it caused controversy when it was published. 

The magazine’s editors were nearly unanimous in their admiration for “The Lottery,” according to Mental Floss. Readers were less enthusiastic. Letters poured in expressing confusion and disgust over the story. One person called in “gruesome.” Another declared it “perverted.” Hundreds of people canceled their subscriptions. Some people even thought the story was based on actual events. “I’m hoping you’ll find time to give me further details about the bizarre custom the story describes, where it occurs, who practices it, and why,” one person wrote in a letter to Jackson. 

You can read ‘The Lottery’ online 

Over time, the outcry over Jackson’s short story has faded and its become accepted as a modern classic. It’s widely anthologized and often read in schools. 

The New Yorker has made “The Lottery” available to read online for free.  The magazine also has several other of Jackson’s stories in its archives, including “Paranoia” and “The Man in the Woods.”

What to watch after you stream ‘Shirley’

Julie Harris and Richard Johnson on the set of The Haunting | Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

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A number of Jackson’s short stories and novels have been adapted for movies or television. After you stream Shirley, you can add these to your to-watch list. 

The Haunting, the well-received 1963 film based on The Haunting of Hill House, is available to rent on Amazon. The less-successful 1999 remake is also available to rent or can be streamed with a Starz subscription. Netflix subscribers can watch The Haunting of Hill House, a TV series loosely based on the book. 

We Have Always Lives in the Castle, a 2019 movie with Taissa Famiga and Sebastian Stan, is streaming for free on Amazon Prime. 

In 2018, Deadline reported that a feature film version of The Lottery was in the works.  

Shirley is currently streaming on Hulu

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‘The Last Days of American Crime’ Netflix Movie Review: The Worst Purge




The Last Days of American Crime has a fascinating premise with a social commentary and action potential. Like the Purge series ended up indulging in the violence they were commenting on, Last Days has nothing to say about society. It’s another excuse to indulge violence with no sense of style, and it’s nearly twice as long as any Purge movie. It’s on Netflix today. 

Edgar Ramirez | Marcos Cruz/Netflix

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One last score during ‘The Last Days of American Crime’  

The American Peace Initiative will release a signal that prevents anyone from committing an act they know is wrong. It’s sorta the chip Spike had in season 4 of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, but it works on everyone. So, criminals are trying to commit as much crime as they can before they will physically be unable to do so. Some are fleeing to Canada, but border guards shoot them before they cross. 

L-R: Michael Pitt, Edgar Ramirez, Anna Brewster | Marcos Cruz/Netflix

Kevin (Michael Pitt) and Shelby (Anna Brewster) recruit Bricke (Edgar Ramirez) to pull one last job, a robbery that will set them up for post-signal life. It will also allow Bricke to get revenge on the cops who killed his brother in prison. There’s also Sawyer (Sharlto Copley), a good cop who will cross paths with the trio.

‘The Last Days of American Crime’ never figured out the rules

The first problem with this premise is they never even figured out the rules of how it works. So, they’ve been testing out the signal already. The signal interferes with bank robbers, but not with the hostage who shoots them. So, the signal is okay with self-defense, with potentially killing a criminal instead of arresting them?

Anna Brewster and Edgar Ramirez | Marcos Cruz/Netflix

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They can signal a prisoner to effectively neuter them, but the signal doesn’t affect the guards who kill the prisoner? The guards use the signal to force prisoners to fight each other. So the signal prevents them from lashing out at the guards, but it’s okay with beating up innocent inmates? How does this work? They do say there’s an implant the cops can get to make them immune to the signal. Perhaps those guards already had the implant, but that doesn’t explain allowing inmate on inmate violence. 

Really, it just seems like the lazy screenwriters used the signal on characters they wanted to and ignored it when they wanted law enforcement to be the bad guys. Given the evidence of real life police violence without any such signal, it’s not far-fetched sci-fi to speculate that cops might abuse this signal. Unfortunately, The Last Days of American Crime has no intelligent point about it. They’re just more perpetrators in a cacophony of violence.

It feels like your last days watching this movie

The Last Days of American Crime is two and a half hours long. There is not enough story to fill 90 minutes, let alone an epic. Kevin and Shelby’s plan does not need two and a half hours of explanation. Oceans 11 breezed through their plan and they had 11 characters to introduce! Plus, their plan was way more complicated. 

L-R: Michael Pitt, Anna Brewster and Edgar Ramirez | Marcos Cruz/Netflix

God bless Pitt for going full Nicolas Cage like it’s one of his highbrow indie movies. Kevin is doing this job so he can earn the legacy of committing the last crime before the signal. Stop explaining it. In one scene, Kevin, Bricke and Shelby just talk about their plan. Just get on with it. 

There are so many scenes of tough guys screaming at each other. Boy, this movie really thinks these characters are interesting enough to spend so much time getting to know them. The actors are good but yeah, Shelby recounting her abuse to explain why she’s this way does not seem like the screenwriters understand the psychology of abuse. 

The Last Days of American Crime revels in misogyny as much as violence. The FBI agents who take Shelby in hit on her and grope her. Other kidnappers abuse Shelby further. We also meet Kevin’s parents so they can hash out their family dysfunction. It’s just a lot of ugly criminals slobbering over Bricke as they threaten him. 

Edgar Ramirez | Marcos Cruz/Netflix

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When the action finally starts, it’s just noise of gunfire and screaming. They fire machine guns at each other during a car chase. They’re just lucky they hit the bad guys and not the hostage they’re trying to rescue. Director Olivier Megaton’s editing was bad in the Taken sequels. On Netflix there isn’t even a Luc Besson reigning him in. As Netflix originals go, The Last Days of American Crime makes the cops screaming “F You” to each other in Bright look like Serpico.

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Cannes Film Festival Announces Official List Of 56 Films For 2020 Edition, Not A Single Indian Film Included




Cannes Film Festival Announces Official List Of 56 Films For 2020 Edition, Not A Single Indian Film Included

The Cannes Film Festival is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious and popular film festivals in the world of cinema. The festival that takes place around May every year, was canned owing to the Coronavirus Pandemic this year. As a result, several of our B-Town darlings like Aishwarya Rai, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and others who usually graced the red carpet could not doll up this year.

However, there is a reason for filmmakers and fans of the Cannes Film Festival to rejoice. The festival has released its list of 56 films that will be able to carry the credit of the Cannes Film Festival to all other festivals that might happen in the remaining half of the year.

However, surprisingly the final list of the Cannes Film Festival this year did not feature even a single Indian Film. Here’s the complete list of all the 56 films that have been released for 2020 Official Selection by festival president Pierre Lescure and general delegate Thierry Frémaux.

Check out the list here:

THE FRENCH DISPATCH by Wes Anderson (USA) 1h43


ÉTÉ 85 by François Ozon (France) 1h40

Production: MANDARIN – International Sales: PLAYTIME – French Distribution: DIAPHANA

ASA GA KURU (True Mothers) by Naomi Kawase (Japan) 2h20

Production: KINO FILMS CO – Sales: PLAYTIME – French Distribution: HAUT ET COURT

LOVERS ROCK by Steve McQueen (United Kingdom) 1h08


MANGROVE by Steve McQueen (United Kingdom) 2h04


DRUK (Another Round) by Thomas Vinterberg (Denmark)1h55

Production: ZENTROPA – International Sales: TRUSTNORDISK – French Distribution: HAUT ET COURT

ADN (DNA) by Maïwenn (Algeria/France) 1h30


LAST WORDS by Jonathan Nossiter (USA) 2h06

Production: STEMAL – International Sales: THE PARTY FILMS

HEAVEN: TO THE LAND OF HAPPINESS by IM Sang-Soo (South Korea) 1h40
Production: HIVE MEDIA CORP – International Sales: FINECUT

EL OLVIDO QUE SEREMOS (Forgotten we’ll be) by Fernando Trueba (Spain) 2h16


PENINSULA by YEON Sang-Ho (South Korea) 1h54

Production: REDPETER FILMS – International Sales: CONTENTS PANDA – French Distribution: ARP SELECTION

IN THE DUSK (Au crépuscule) by Sharunas BARTAS (Lituania) 2h06

Production: KINOELEKTRON – International Sales: LUXBOX

DES HOMMES (Home Front) by Lucas BELVAUX (Belgium) 1h40

Production: SYNECDOCHE – International Sales: WILD BUNCH INTERNATIONAL – French Distribution: AD VITAM

THE REAL THING by Kôji Fukada (Japan) 3h48

Production: NAGOYA TV – International Sales: NAGOYA TV


PASSION SIMPLE by Danielle Arbid (Lebanon) 1h36


A GOOD MAN by Marie Castille Mention-Schaar (France) 1h47

Production: WILLOW FILMS – International Sales: PYRAMIDE INTERNATIONAL – French Distribution: PYRAMIDE DISTRIBUTION

LES CHOSES QU’ON DIT, LES CHOSES QU’ON FAIT by Emmanuel Mouret (France) 2h

Production: MOBY DICK FILMS – International Sales: ELLE DRIVER – French Distribution: PYRAMIDE DISTRIBUTION

SOUAD by Ayten Amin (Egypt) 1h30
Production: VIVID REELS

LIMBO by Ben Sharrock (United Kingdom) 1h53


ROUGE (Red Soil) by Farid Bentoumi (France) 1h26

Production: LES FILMS VELVET – International Sales: WTFILMS – French Distribution: AD VITAM

SWEAT by Magnus Von Horn (Sweden) 1h40

Production: LAVA FILMS – International Sales: NEW EUROPE FILM SALES

TEDDY by Ludovic et Zoran Boukherma (France) 1h28
Production: BAXTER FILMS – International Sales: WTFILMS – French Distribution: THE JOKERS FILMS

FEBRUARY (Février) by Kamen Kalev (Bulgaria) 2h05
Production: KORO FILMS – French Distribution: UFO DISTRIBUTION

AMMONITE by Francis Lee (United Kingdom) 2h

Production: SEE-SAW FILMS – International Sales: CROSS CITY FILMS – French Distribution: PYRAMIDE DISTRIBUTION

UN MÉDECIN DE NUIT by Elie Wajeman (France) 1h40

Production: PARTIZAN FILMS – International Sales: BE FOR FILMS – French Distribution: DIAPHANA DISTRIBUTION

ENFANT TERRIBLE by Oskar Roehler (Germany) 2h14

NADIA, BUTTERFLY by Pascal Plante (Canada) 1h46
Production: NEMESIS FILMS – International Sales: WAZABI FILMS

HERE WE ARE by Nir Bergman (Israel) 1h34
Production: SPIRO FILMS – International Sales: MK2 FILMS


SEPTET: THE STORY OF HONG KONG by Ann Hui, Johnnie TO, Tsui Hark, Sammo Hung, Yuen Woo-Ping et Patrick Tam -1h53


FALLING by Viggo Mortensen (USA) 1h52

Production: PERCIVAL PICTURES – International Sales: HANWAY FILMS – French Distribution: METROPOLITAN FILMEXPORT

PLEASURE by Ninja Thyberg (Sweden) 1h45
Production: PLATTFORM PRODUKTION – International Sales: VERSATILE

SLALOM by Charlène Favier (France) 1h32

Production: MILLE ET UNE PRODUCTIONS – International Sales: THE PARTY FILM SALES – French Distribution: JOUR2FÊTE

CASA DE ANTIGUIDADES (Memory House) by Joao Paulo Miranda Maria (Brazil)1h27
Production: MANEKI FILMS

BROKEN KEYS (Fausse note) by Jimmy Keyrouz (Lebanon) 1h30
Production: EZEKIEL

IBRAHIM by Samir Guesmi (France) 1h20


BEGINNING (Au commencement) by Déa Kulumbegashvili (Georgia) 2h10
Production: FIRST PICTURE / O.F.A – International Sales: WILD BUNCH INTERNATIONAL

GAGARINE by Fanny Liatard et Jérémy Trouilh (France) 1h35

Production: HAUT ET COURT – International Sales: TOTEM FILMS – French Distribution: HAUT ET COURT

16 PRINTEMPS by Suzanne Lindon (France) 1h13

Production: AVENUE B PRODUCTIONS – International Sales: LUXBOX – French Distribution: PANAME DISTRIBUTION

VAURIEN by Peter Dourountzis (France) 1h35
Production: 10:15 PRODUCTIONS – International Sales: KINOLOGY – French Distribution: REZO FILMS

GARÇON CHIFFON by Nicolas Maury (France) 1h48
Production: CG CINEMA – International Sales: LES FILMS DU LOSANGE – French Distribution: LES FILMS DU LOSANGE

SI LE VENT TOMBE (Should the Wind Fall) by Nora Martirosyan (Armenia) 1h40
Production: SISTER PRODUCTIONS – International Sales: INDIE SALES – French Distribution: ROUGE DISTRIBUTION

JOHN AND THE HOLE by Pascual Sisto (USA) 1h38

STRIDING INTO THE WIND (Courir au gré du vent) by WEI Shujun (China) 2h36

THE DEATH OF CINEMA AND MY FATHER TOO (La Mort du cinéma et de mon père aussi) by Dani Rosenberg (Israel) 1h40
Production: PARDES FILMS – International Sales: FILMS BOUTIQUE


EN ROUTE POUR LE MILLIARD (The Billion Road) by Dieudo Hamadi (Democratic Republic of Congo) 1h30
Production: LES FILMS DE L’OEIL SAUVAGE – International Sales: ANDANA FILMS

THE TRUFFLE HUNTERS by Michael Dweck et Gregory Kershaw (USA) 1h24
Production: GO GIGI GO PRODUCTIONS LLC – International Distribution: SONY PICTURES RELEASING

9 JOURS À RAQQA by Xavier de Lauzanne (France)
Production: ALOEST FILMS


ANTOINETTE DANS LES CÉVÈNNES by Caroline Vignal (France) 1h35

Production: CHAPKA FILMS – International Sales PLAYTIME – French Distribution: DIAPHANA DISTRIBUTION

LES DEUX ALFRED by Bruno Podalydès (France) 1h30
Production: WHY NOT PRODUCTIONS – French Distribution: UGC DISTRIBUTION

UN TRIOMPHE (The big hit) by Emmanuel Courcol (France) 1h40

Production: AGAT FILMS & CIE – International Sales: MK2 FILMS – French Distribution: MEMENTO FILMS DISTRIBUTION

L’ORIGINE DU MONDE by Laurent Lafitte (France) 1st film
Production: TRESOR FILMS – International Sales: STUDIO CANAL – French Distribution: STUDIO CANAL

LE DISCOURS by Laurent Tirard (France) 1h27
Production: LES FILMS SUR MESURE – International Sales: CHARADES – French Distribution: LE PACTE


AYA TO MAJO (Earwig and the Witch) by Gorô Miyazaki (Japan) 1h22
Production: NHK / NHK ENTERPRISES / STUDIO GHIBLI – International Sales: WILD BUNCH INTERNATIONAL – French Distribution: WILD BUNCH

FLEE by Jonas Poher Rasmussen (Denmark) 1h30
Production: FINAL CUT FOR REAL – International Sales: CINEPHIL

JOSEP by Aurel (France) 1h20 – 1st film

SOUL by Pete Docter (USA) 1h30


The festival has often been in the past few years called out for its lack of diversity. However, this year they seem to have included a record number of woman directors. Meanwhile, fans certainly did miss seeing their favourite stars walk down the red carpet this year.

What do you think about these 56 films, tell us in the comments section before.

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