Microsoft pushes new Edge browser for Windows 7 and 8 users

Microsoft is offering its new Edge browser to Windows 7 and 8 users. The company has released a new update that works on previous Windows versions. So, if your PC is running on Windows 8 (Home, Professional, Ultimate or Starter), you will see the new browser on the taskbar. But it’s interesting that Microsoft is giving a taste for the new browser to Windows 7 machines as well.

This Windows version is no longer supported by the company (unless there’s a major attack). But Microsoft must have realised that millions of systems are still running on Windows 7. And for them, all that matters is giving the platform to more users.

Having said that, users can still continue using their existing web explorer, or set any other browser as their default choice. Microsoft rolled out new Windows update which automatically gives them Microsoft Edge. Yes, the Chromium-based web browser is rolling out to all users. The company pushed the update to users with Windows 10, version 1903 and 1909.

The update the replace the existing Edge browser with new one and users will see the change in the taskbar. Microsoft says all the passwords, website URLs from the old browser will be migrated to the Edge browser automatically. And if anyone tries to use the old version, the Windows running on their system will open the new browser.

Since Edge is now Chromium-based, it gains the advantage of using the extensions available on rival platforms. While it matches Chrome’s performance, the browser also delivers improved battery life.

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Microsoft Edge has become the second most popular desktop browser in the world. According to NetMarketShare, it has more users than Mozilla Firefox. This has earned Edge the reputation of being the second most popular desktop browser.  This is the first time that the desktop version of Microsoft Edge has surpassed Mozilla Firefox in terms of market share.