Microsoft Teams will soon support 49 people for video calls

Microsoft Teams will soon support 49 people for video calls

Microsoft has bided its time with Teams platform, allowing Zoom to grow over the past few months. But gradually we’re seeing the software giant making strides into the segment, offering host of new features for its users. And to make things even more accommodating, Teams will soon let you get on a single video call with 49 people.

Yes, the number might not sound like a lot but considering how classes and office meetings are taking place virtually, this is a big news. “We are expanding the Teams grid view to 7×7, which will accommodate up to 49 participants at once on a single screen,” Microsoft said in this post.

This update will enable more schools to effectively conduct classes with over 40 students in each section. The 7×7 grid update, as seen below, allows teachers to interact with all their students on the same screen. The company has its reasons to focus on schools. It claims that since March, more than 25,000 new educators from more than 180 countries have signed up each day. The new feature is rolling out in fall later this year.

Initially targeted at large and small companies, it has become the primary client for communications in the Office 365 productivity suite.

This way, it has replaced Skype by improving the meeting experience, and adding scheduling capabilities, integrating calendar availability. And facilitating the transition from chat to high-quality video conferencing. Microsoft Teams was released as a free version.

The mobile versions of Microsoft Teams for iOS and Android will allow any user to log into the apps with a personal Microsoft account. You can quickly switch within the applications from a work account to a home account. Users can use the personal version together with other MS Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.