Microsoft teases new-look Start Menu for Windows 10

Microsoft users could soon get a new-look Start Menu bar on Windows 10. The company has teased a new theme recently which shows us glimpses of a transparent Start Menu design. It had shared new theme called Phantom Pink Pride Edition which reveals the changes being made to Windows 10.

It seems the Menu box will get a design refresh, making it in sync with the colour code of the taskbar. We’ve got to say, the new-look design of the Start Menu looks pleasing and there’s a certain fluidity to it. The reveal seems to have done to counter the launch of new MacOS Big Sur by Apple earlier this week. As you might have seen, the new MacOS gets a host of design changes as well as feature additions.

We already know that Microsoft isn’t going to rename its operating system. Instead, the platform will be upgraded with new features and possible design makeover. Few weeks back we heard news about Windows 11 system pack leaked by a retailer. But chances of that coming through are close to zero.

Microsoft brings new Edge to Windows 7 and 8 users

Microsoft is offering its new Edge browser to Windows 7 and 8 users. The company has released a new update that works on previous Windows versions. So, if your PC is running on Windows 8 (Home, Professional, Ultimate or Starter), you will see the new browser on the taskbar. But it’s interesting that Microsoft is giving a taste for the new browser to Windows 7 machines as well.

The update the replace the existing Edge browser with new one and users will see the change in the taskbar. Microsoft says all the passwords, website URLs from the old browser will be migrated to the Edge browser automatically. And if anyone tries to use the old version, the Windows running on their system will open the new browser.

Since Edge is now Chromium-based, it gains the advantage of using the extensions available on rival platforms. While it matches Chrome’s performance, the browser also delivers improved battery life.