Microsoft Xbox users donate ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’ to help fight coronavirus pandemic

About three weeks ago, Microsoft announced that it was teaming up with the CDC Foundation to fight coronavirus. As part of the team-up, the software giant allowed Xbox owners to donate their Microsoft Rewards points. The interesting thing here is that Microsoft will match the donated points 1-to-1 with money to increase the total sum. Microsoft users can earn these points by playing Xbox One games, earning achievements, purchasing or even renting movies. As part of a new announcement, the company has shared an update regarding the initiative. Let’s check out the details here.

Xbox users play games to fight coronavirus; details

The company revealed that players have made more than a hundred thousand individual donations in less than three weeks. Microsoft did not share the exact numbers for the donation and the money raised. However, it did note that Reward members have donated “hundreds of thousands of dollars” this month to the CDC Foundation. Considering the response, the company has just announced a new team-up. Microsoft is now partnering with the United Nations Foundation and GlobalGiving organization to raise relief funds to fight coronavirus. This increases the number of organizations that Xbox users can donate to. It is worth noting that this feature is only available in the United States. If you are in India, then it is better to donate to the different state relief funds.

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As part of the announcement, Microsoft recapped how to get started. It noted that users need to be part of the Microsoft Rewards program. Users can easily enroll in the program with the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox One or head to the website. They can also earn rewards with the help of time-limited “Support A Hero While At Home” punch card.

The company has added more options to earn these rewards. Xbox One users can also complete different Xbox Game Pass Quests to earn the rewards. This announcement comes just weeks after Minecraft partners partnered with the United Nations Development Programme and Heart17 to combat coronavirus.