Minecraft Nvidia RTX–How To Access The Gorgeous New Beta

Minecraft Nvidia RTX, which brings an incredible visual upgrade to the world of Minecraft, is available now in open beta. If you have the necessary hardware and want to experience Minecraft on PC with the best graphics ever possible, here’s how to get in on it.

What you need to do depends on whether or not you’re already in the Minecraft Windows 10 Beta. If you’re not, here’s what you need to do, as per the Minecraft Help Center:

  1. Install the Xbox Insider Hub app on your PC (it is available for free in the Windows Store)
  2. Inside the app, click on the open box icon in the sidebar on the left
  3. On the Insider content screen, you will see a beta available for Minecraft for Windows 10. Click on the Minecraft for Windows 10 beta
  4. Click the “Join” button at the bottom of the screen
  5. On the following pop-up you will see three radio buttons- one will be for Minecraft RTX Beta, one for Minecraft Beta, one for Unenroll. Choose Minecraft RTX Beta, then click Done.
  6. If you have automatic updates on from the Windows Store, Minecraft will automatically update to the latest RTX beta build available.

If you’re already in that beta, it’s actually a little more complicated–but not by much. Here are the steps.

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