NBA 2K21 Current-Gen Gameplay Trailer Says The Game Never Stopped

It’s a strange year for sports games, with the COVID-19 pandemic shifting or shutting down seasons, and the latest NBA 2K21 trailer exists in the shadow of the current crisis. The trailer, which showcases the PS4/Xbox One versions of the game, is full of on-the-court action, and a general mission statement for this year’s entry.

The slogan for NBA 2K21 seems to be “everything is game”–not just the matches themselves, but everything around the culture of basketball. There’s been a big focus on the soundtrack in the marketing for this year’s entry, too, which continues in this trailer.

There’s only a little bit of proper gameplay footage to watch, with a lot of the video focusing on what it feels like to be in a busy stadium full of cheering fans, and how exciting that was before 2020 happened.

NBA 2K21 is also coming to Switch, PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. If you want to get the current-gen version at launch and then upgrade, you’ll want the expensive Mamba Forever edition.

NBA 2K21 is looking very visually impressive on current systems, so it’ll be very interesting to see how the next-gen versions differ.