Necrobarista Will Receive Free DLC Focused On Side Characters

Necrobarista, the recently-released Melbourne-set visual novel about a cafe where the dead can return to life, will expand beyond the form it launched in. In an update on Steam, developer Route 59 has announced that DLC is coming, and it will focus on side characters.

According to the update, the game “will be getting a bunch of gameplay and story additions,” although it won’t focus on the main story, Maddy. Characters that will be fleshed out further in new content include the teens Tuan and Hannah, Samantha, and “that guy from the OP with the waistcoat and cigar.”

The new DLC will start releasing “later this year,” and there will be several of them. There are also gameplay changes coming in free DLC releases, although Route 59 does not clarify exactly what these will entail.

The game is also receiving patches to better optimize it and give players more configuration options. The recent 1.0.2 patch added a rewind option, as well as new control options.

Necrobarista is available now on PC and Apple Arcade. It will come to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One in 2021. It received a 7/10 in GameSpot’s review.