New Battletoads Coming To Xbox One And PC After 26 Year Hiatus

It’s been a staggering 26 years since the last Battletoads game, but if you’ve been itching for its amphibian beat-em-up action you only have a handful of weeks left to wait. Microsoft has announced that Battletoads is launching on August 20.

The action-platformer, developed by Dlala Studios and Sea of Thieves creators Rare, reimagines the classic gameplay formula for a new high-definition age. It retains the same sense of 90s Saturday morning cartoon style, but with sharper hand-drawn art and smoother animations. You can check out some new gameplay in the latest trailer below.

Battletoads sees the return of protagonists Zitz, Rash, and Pimple and their unending feud with The Dark Queen. Gameplay will shift between the expected side-scrolling beat-em-up action and puzzle-focused platforming, including new vehicular sections that play out in 3D too.

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