New Division 2 Update Will Let You Improve Your Low Level Exotics

The upcoming Title Update 9 for The Division 2 will implement a new reconfigure feature into the Exotics system. When the update goes live on April 21, you’ll be able to raise low level Exotics to your current level as well as adjust Exotics at your current level.

Under this new system, you’ll be able to reconfigure Exotics up to the level of your crafting bench, capping at level 40. When reconfigured, an Exotic will get new attributes and corresponding stats to match its new power level. If an Exotic is already at your current level, it won’t grow stronger–it will only gain new attributes. This means that choosing to reconfigure your already powerful Exotic could be a double-edged sword, possibly removing beneficial aspects of the equipment.

In order to reconfigure an Exotic, you’ll need its specific Reconfigure Blueprint, all of which require one Exotic Component alongside generic crafting materials. If you’re short on Exotic Components, you can still deconstruct an Exotic you don’t want in order to gain the crafting part. However, after Title Update 9 goes live, you’ll only get one Exotic Component per deconstruction, not two. So you may want to start deconstructing your unwanted Exotics now.

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