New MSI 10th-Gen Gaming Desktops Revealed

MSI has announced its upcoming lineup of gaming desktops, including a couple in the Trident line that aim to be the size of a video game console as well as easy to upgrade. There are also a number of standard-sized gaming PCs if you’re not concerned about saving space in your office or living room. The five new desktops will be made available through late June and July, so if you’re looking for a new PC, then these may be worth keeping an eye on.

A number of the PCs can come equipped with the latest 10th-gen Core i9 processors and RTX 2080 Super graphics cards, though there are more budget-friendly options as well. You can see all of MSI’s upcoming gaming PCs below along with some of their specs. You can see a more detailed breakdown of what each desktop comes with on MSI’s website.

MPG Trident 3

Starts at $879; available in late June

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