New Rainbow Six Siege Patch Now Live On PC, Coming To Consoles Later This Week

Ubisoft has released the latest patch for Rainbow Six Siege. Previously only on the PC test server, Patch Y5S1.2 is now live on official PC servers and scheduled to come to Xbox One and PS4 sometime this week.

The patch is primarily geared towards balancing certain Operators and weapons, namely Ying. A previous update replaced Ying’s frag grenades with a claymore, but now Ubisoft is replacing her claymore with smoke grenades in hopes it will “increase the level of synergy she deploys when spearheading,” specifically when it comes to the attackers trying to counter Mira or Goyo. She’s also getting more Candelas and the damage rate of her T-95 LSW is getting a nice buff.

Patch Y5S1.2 also implements several bug fixes, with the most notable one addressing the barricade replication glitch. In the patch notes, Ubisoft also says that the quick match map pool won’t change for the rest of the season, only rotating to new maps in Year 5, Season 2. The full patch notes are listed below.

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