New Telegram update lets you send up to 2GB files and set profile videos

Telegram has released a new update that adds several new features to the app. Users can now send and receive large files of up to 2GB. It is now also possible to place a video as a profile. Other new additions are in the video editor, within the platform itself.

The messaging app is increasing the maximum file size limit. Since 2014 users were able to share files of up to 1.5GB in size for videos, documents, and other files. Now, Telegram is increasing the limit to 2GB. For comparison, WhatsApp allows media up to 100MB.

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Another addition made by this update is the possibility to change the profile photo by a video. Now users can upload a video, choosing a specific frame to be used as a photo. When someone clicks to view the profile, the video plays. The update has also brought modifications to the photo and video editor on the front camera. Users can smooth the skin if they want to hide imperfections.

The chat list has also undergone modifications. It is now possible to choose thumbnails so that the selected icon is displayed when a notification is sent. The update also adds more animated emoticons. The new Telegram app also brings a “people nearby” feature. It indicates the distance of people who are close to your location. Users who do not want to receive messages from people who are not on their contact list can do so.

Other changes available in this update are better statistics for groups of more than 500 members, a renewed music player for Android with an expandable track list, video cropping and rotation, and support for multiple accounts on the Desktop version. This Telegram 6.3 update is now available to download on the Google Play Store and Apple app store.