New Warface Update Lets You Play As The Baddies

The PC version of multiplayer shooter Warface has received a new update, and it adds a new PvE operation to the game. Titled Operation Blackwood, the mission marks the first time that players have controlled soldiers from the rival Blackwood corporation.

It’s also the game’s first non-linear co-op mission, giving players the option of which boss fight they want to try to tackle first. The rewards players receive will vary based on the order they choose, and each boss will become more powerful as their allies fall. In order to receive all the loot on offer, players will have to complete the operation a minimum of three times. The update adds a new map to the game’s PvP mode, titled Blackwood Base, as well as an exclusive series of new weapons.

Warface publisher My.Games recently released a console spin-off to the shooter, titled Warface: Breakout. The studio also offered a 90/10 revenue split on its digital storefront in an attempt to lure developers away from other established stores, like Steam. Additionally, Sony announced that they will hold paid tournaments in a variety of PS4 games, including Warface.

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