New World Developer Diary Explains The Different Ways To Advance In The MMO

Following the launch of the team-based shooter Crucible, Amazon Games is already prepping the release of its next game, the MMO New World. As a high-fantasy take on the early colonial era in North America, the MMO is Amazon’s most substantial release. After facing delays from the COVID-19 pandemic, the online game is approaching its launch on August 25, and the developers are opening up more about what players can expect to experience in-game.

In this exclusive for GameSpot’s Play For All charity event, we’re showing off the latest developer diary for New World, detailing the game’s five key progression systems for players to dive into. While the game has been in closed alpha for some time, this is the most in-depth look at the game’s mechanics coming straight from the development team. In previous episodes, the developer diaries highlighted faction and invasion gameplay, exploration, and the lore within the world of Aeternum.

For MMO games, it’s often the case that you start by selecting a character class and then following through with a series of quests that eventually open up the game’s different side-activities and large-scale events. However, New World has a more flexible system in how you make your way through the world, which sets it apart from other online games. Before the reveal of this new developer diary, we spoke with New World’s head of player experience Dave Verfaillie and lead UX designer Daniel Henuber about the MMO’s approach to progression, along with what they learned from the closed alpha period.

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