Queen Radio is all set for Nicki Minaj. The hip-hop star is going to appear at Queen Radio in less than an hour. As Barbs seems really exciting about the upcoming giveaway that Nicki Minaj will host today.

Big Fact: Currently, #QueenRadio and #YikesOutNow are trending all over Twitter in the US. Rap queen already reminded Barbz on Twitter for the following giveaway contest.

Recently, Nicki Minaj tweeted about the Queen Radio:

“Guys, #QueenRadio begins in 3 hours. Keep #YikesOutNow in every tweet with your comments & questions. I’m responding to u guys live on air. If I follow u, dm your phone number but don’t send more than 2 dm’s. I’m giving away more #FendiPrintsOn from my own personal stash. 😘♥️🎈”

After an hour she again quoted the Queen Radio hashtag and said:

“Guys keep both hashtags in ur tweets once the show starts. #QueenRadio + #YikesOutNow if I fave ur tweet you’re in the running.”

At Queen Radio Nicki Minaj is going to appear for the first time since her latest track “Yikes” has been released. Also, it is the first time the rapper is going to conduct any show or interview after her announcement of retirement that was back in September 2019.

To participate in the giveaway is very easy, the interested participant just has to tweet with both hashtags check out more about Nicki Minaj’s giveaway participation at Queen Radio.