Nintendo Has An App To Track Your Switch Usage, But Only In Japan

It’s difficult to get accurate statistics out of your Nintendo Switch, especially when it comes to playtime. Whether it’s the vague estimations on the console itself or the limited functionality of the Parental App, having a portal to the numbers and figures you want is tricky. Nintendo’s new My Nintendo App aims to change that, and it’s now out in Japan.

My Nintendo is a free app that links not only to your Nintendo Switch, but to your Wii U and Nintendo 3DS consoles, letting you sync play data across all three and access it under one roof. The app tracks playtime for individual games (so you can see how many hours you’ve already lost to Animal Crossing: New Horizons) across each device, even letting you see the split if you happen to play a game featured on multiple consoles.

In addition to tracking all your playtime, the My Nintendo app is a hub for everything Nintendo. You can watch Directs via the app directly, make purchases on the Eshop and add your wishlist, and access QR codes at Nintendo stores.

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