Nvidia’s RTX Voice Uses AI To Make Your Streaming Audio Better

It’s a good week to own one of Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards, especially with the ray-tracing showcase that is Minecraft RTX going into open beta. The RTX range and its AI computing capabilities can be used for a lot more than just games though, and RTX Voice is a good example of that.

In beta now, RTX Voice is a new plugin that leverages the AI processing power of the RTX line to accurately remove background noise from any microphone recordings. This can be something as subtle as your keyboard strokes to more prominent ambient noise present in your computing space. While useful for streaming games, RTX Voice is also compatible with productivity and video conferencing software, making it more broadly appealing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The plugin creates a virtual audio device in Windows that can then be set as your primary input device. RTX Voice processes the audio from your microphone and removes noise in real time, injecting it into whatever app points to the new virtual source. While apps like Discord, OBS, and XSplit work with the plugin already, Nvidia says compatibility with Slack, Zoom, and more is possible. They’re supported for now, but might still have a few issues.

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