Oh Look, A New Game Is Coming To Wii And Wii U

Given the year is now 2020, you likely don’t expect to see a lot of new games coming for Wii or Wii U, save for perhaps the obligatory ports of the latest entry in Ubisoft’s Just Dance series. However, in news that will have you checking to make sure it’s not April 1, a new, non-Just Dance game is on the way for the two Nintendo consoles that preceded the Switch, and it’s releasing quite soon.

The game is Shakedown: Hawaii, a retro-style open-world action game in the vein of the early Grand Theft Auto entries. It originally released on a number of platforms last year–notably including PlayStation Vita–but is now coming to Wii and Wii U seemingly due to a random impulse on the part of the developer.

“Like most of my ports, Shakedown: Hawaii on Wii began one Friday night on a whim of curiosity,” wrote developer Vblank. “Perhaps a jolt of Wii nostalgia rushed through me that evening, but I suddenly wondered… how long would it actually take to port? How would it feel to play with a Wii Remote? How would it look in 4:3? Would it hit 60 FPS right off the bat, or need optimization? I had many questions, but as soon as I held that Wii Remote and started playing, I knew I wanted to take it to the finish line.”

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