One Of The Best Mobile Games Ever Is $2 Today

You may or may not know this by now, but playing games on your phone is actually good, as senior editor Edmond Tran wrote last year, and these days, there are some fantastic mobile games out there that are just as worth your time as the latest AAA release on console. Fortunately, they’re usually not that expensive either, but right now, you can save a few bucks on some of the best games available on the Apple App Store.

Most notably, you can grab Florence for $2 (normally $3), a nice 33% discount on this critically acclaimed interactive story. One of the best mobile games of 2018 (and just in general), Florence tells the story of 25-year-old Florence Yeoh and her whirlwind romance with a man named Krish. It’s a beautiful, emotional story that is told over about 40 minutes or so, and you interact with it in unique and clever ways, including one mechanic where you fit puzzle pieces together that becomes a metaphor for their relationship. Florence has since launched on Nintendo Switch as well, but it’s one game that I’d actually recommend playing on your phone over the Switch due to its gameplay and certain story moments. It’s also four bucks cheaper on mobile, so there’s that.

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