Overwatch July 23 Patch Is Testing Out Some Big Changes For Moira

Overwatch has been patched for July 23, 2020, and some changes have been introduced across the game, including in Experimental Mode. A few tweaks have been made to several characters across the game, some bug fixes have been made, and Moira is seeing some big changes in Experimental.

First up, newest character Echo is getting two changes, as the developers try to give the android the right level of sound so that players can hear her coming but aren’t given too much notice that she’s around the corner. Here are the notes for audio adjustments to Echo:

  • Audio volume and distance have been reduced for an enemy Echo’s passive hover sound
  • Audio directionality improvements have been made for an enemy Echo’s hover and tri-shot weapon fire sounds

Experimental Mode is currently using a 2-2-2 Role Queue ruleset, and it has introduced balance changes to Genji and Moira. The Genji update tones down his most recent buff, while Moira is getting a more significant update to rebalance her. Here’s the complete list.

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